July 4, 2022

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Weekend Trek “Disaster”

A series of accidents in space strands the different members of the crew in different parts of the ship.

At this point in the series, Star Trek the Next Generation has established a comfort zone for all the characters.  The audience knows these people, who they are, and what they can do.  So, what happens when all of these various characters are put in a position they don’t normally have to deal with?  That could yield some interesting results.

Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts on that sort of scenario below.


The command crew are all separated after a series of dangerous accident.

jimmy:  And another red shirt bites the space dust.

tomk:  Eh, she probably turned you down for a date last week.

jimmy:  Me?  Maybe. Geordi?  Definitely.

tomk:  No wonder he’s practicing his singing with Dr. Crusher.

jimmy:  He’s going to need a lot of practice.  He’s more of a reader.

tomk:  Still, this episode did put as many characters as possible in the worst places for them. You have Troi in command, Picard with children, Riker in Engineering with just Data’s head, Worf delivering a baby, and Crusher stuck with Geordi.

jimmy:  Who was the most out of place?

tomk:  I dunno. Troi?

She had to, like, make decisions. And her inconsistent powers wouldn’t tell her if anyone else was still alive.

jimmy:  I’d agree with it being Troi. Picard had his whole “not being able to relate to kids” thing going on, but it’s Picard. You knew he would step up. To her credit, Troi stepped up as well.

tomk:  She only had to decide between O’Brien’s concern for others and Ro’s sheer practicality while that other guy just disappeared.

jimmy:  Haha, you’re right.  He did!

tomk:  He probably fell through a wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant.

jimmy:  Maybe he got sucked out the airlock Geordi opened.

tomk:  From the bridge?

jimmy:  Do you have a better explanation?

Maybe he was in Picard’s ready room with the body that also disappeared.

tomk:  Someone had to feed Picard’s fish.

jimmy:  …was he feeding them the Lieutenant we never saw before?

tomk:  That…is a #EvilWesley level of thought.

jimmy:  That anomaly they hit probably escaped from Wesley’s experiments at Starfleet Academy.

tomk:  He had to get rid of Keiko before she and O’Brien realized he was the baby’s real father.

jimmy:  Not possible. She only got pregnant about 5 minutes before they went to air.

tomk:  Well, that’s what makes it even more devious of Wesley.

jimmy:  He’s the worst.

Seriously though, this was the first mention of Keiko being pregnant correct?

tomk:  I think it was. But we haven’t seen her in a while either. This might be her first appearance in season five.

jimmy:  I feel like the last time we saw her, Data was giving her bad marriage advice.

tomk:  No, the last time we saw her, Data tried dating.

jimmy:  Close enough.

tomk:  It’s like I always say about her: she’s proof O’Brien has a life outside of work.

jimmy:  And really the only main crew member who does.

tomk:  Must be why he sits out a lot of episodes.

jimmy:  Makes sense.

tomk:  He and Keiko are enjoying time out of uniform.

jimmy:  Apparently.

tomk:  Yes. They go kayaking together. Get your head out of the gutter.

jimmy:  Kayaking…is that what the kids in the 24th century are calling it?

tomk:  O’Brien likes to kayak. It is known.

jimmy:  And this time he got more than a separated shoulder.

tomk:  He got Worf delivering his baby.

jimmy:  He took a course.  He’s fine.

tomk:  He was the comic relief for this episode.

jimmy:  MVP.

tomk:  He got results even with a Klingon’s bedside manner.

jimmy:  He still has better bedside manner than some doctors.


jimmy:  See?  You’re taking Worf over that guy.

tomk:  I dunno.  That guy looks like he might be a better security chief than Worf considering how often Worf gets slapped around.

jimmy:  We’re talking about delivering babies not ass whoopings.

tomk:  So let them switch jobs!

jimmy:  Done. Next week’s episode should be interesting.

tomk:  Worf’s work in SickBay will be quite the welcome development.

jimmy:  As will that guy removing Barclay from the holodeck.

tomk:  Barclay probably didn’t even know anything happened.

jimmy:  That’s why that guy is kicking his ass off the holodeck.

tomk:  Someone should.

Troi could have used his nervous energy on the bridge.

jimmy:  Yeah, just what she needed. Someone not calm or rationale.

tomk:  It would balance out Ro.

jimmy:  I thought what Ro was saying was perfectly fine.  They had no idea if anyone was alive and the ship was trending towards destruction.

I thought Troi was going to pick her solution to be honest.

tomk:  Troi has picked up emotions from planetary orbit. She should have known, but her powers suck.

jimmy:  Her powers don’t work through security bulkheads.

tomk:  That’s her kryptonite?  Well, it’s better than a lit match or a primary color.

jimmy:  Is it though?

tomk:  Well, she isn’t asked to use her powers to stop meteor showers.

jimmy:  Maybe she should be.  It would be just as useful.

tomk:  That sounds mean.  Are you being mean, Jimmy?

jimmy:  No. I’m Canadian.

tomk:  Yeah, we all know what Canadians are like.

jimmy:  The 2nd greatest Starfleet Captain ever.  Not bad.


jimmy:  Hmm.  Interesting.



tomk:  Eh, he’s nobody’s favorite.

jimmy:  His mom’s thinks he’s great.

tomk:  You’re thinking of Captain Milhouse.

jimmy:  I’m certainly not now thinking of T’Pol.

tomk:  Are you thinking about T’Pol on Euphoria?

jimmy:  Is she on Euphoria?

tomk:  I don’t know.

jimmy:  Then no.

tomk:  But a good Vulcan can make any story better.

jimmy:  A good Vulcan certainly wouldn’t loose their head.

tomk:  Good thing Data isn’t  Vulcan.  And he knew where his head was the entire time.

jimmy:  Data sure seems easy to disassemble.

tomk:  Riker studied his schematics back in “Measure of a Man”.

jimmy:  Perhaps.

tomk:  He knew about the off-switch there.

He just didn’t know where the right port in Data’s brain was.

jimmy:  That’s because Data’s ports are proprietary and Riker was looking for a USB-C port.

tomk:  Um…yeah!

jimmy:  That’s a good port joke.

tomk:  Um…yeah!

jimmy:  Um…yeah!

tomk:  Well, it might mean you get a glass of port.

I am sure after spending all that time with Geordi, Crusher also wanted a good drink.

jimmy:  Or that the gift shop is all out of “Port” license plates.

tomk:  Hold on.  Cousin Minka’s son is also named “Port”.

jimmy:  Maybe. It’s talk about that or Geordi singing Gilbert and Sullivan.

tomk:  It takes a certain type of person to sing that sort of thing that well.

jimmy:  He does have a beautiful voice.

tomk:  He also seems to like kids as much as Picard does.

jimmy:  At least Picard doesn’t actively try to murder them.

tomk:  As far as you know. He might have been sending the kids out if the turbolift first to make sure it wasn’t dangerous.

jimmy:  But his “ankle”!?!

tomk:  Was he using crutches at the end of the episode?

jimmy:  …he wasn’t!  That kid hating son of a bitch!

tomk:  Or, you know, Crusher is that good at fixing things.

jimmy:  Or that.

tomk:  I mean, the ship seemed to be in good repair at the end.

jimmy:  Evil Wesley foiled again! 

tomk:  Unless he had other goals. His mother was hit with a lot of radiation.

jimmy:  Back door pilot?

tomk:  Well, it could be proof we don’t know what goals if any #EvilWesley had this time around if he was even involved.

jimmy:  Oh. He was.

tomk:  Well, I think it is safe to say we will know he’s involved for certain if he actually shows up.

jimmy:  He’s too busy being a big movie star for that.

tomk:  Or he could come for a visit in the next episode.

jimmy:  So much for the big movie star thing.

tomk:  Are you ready for one of the more notorious episodes of the series?

jimmy:  Notorious you say?

tomk:  It does have a reputation.

jimmy:  Let’s find out why.

tomk:  Yes, let’s see what happens when someone threatens Wesley’s turf.

Next:  “The Game”

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