February 27, 2024

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Gotham “Hog Day Afternoon”

Season Four, Episode Six

OK, normally I tend to gloss over the Jim Gordon plots as much as I can when I talk this show because, well, Gordon isn’t that interesting a character compared to, well, just about everybody else on this show.

But then there’s this episode, and I just can’t because…he’s here.

He is Professor Pyg, this guy in the comics who tends to take the form of a short guy wearing a pig’s head mask.  He does stuff to his victims involving permanent or disfiguring masks or some such, and he tends to come across as a erudite fellow at times.  Or I think he does.  Every time I see him, he’s doing something really weird, truth be told.  He’s the sort of villain that, incredibly distinctive look aside, I did not expect to see in live action anything anytime soon.

And yet, here he is.  Wearing what looks like a skinned pig’s head.  He’s killing crooked cops, leaving them out for all the world to see with a pig’s head over their face.  These are the cops taking Penguin’s “license” money, and Pyg, well, he doesn’t like that.  Granted, neither does Gordon, so he’s going to do something about Pyg with Bullock’s help even as he hates the whole “crime license” thing.  They even catch up to the guy, Pyg gets the drop on them, and he largely leaves Gordon alone.  Bullock he tries to kill, but Bullock knew too much about what was going on anyway and Gordon told his friend to stop taking Penguin’s money.

I mean, Pyg even had a sort of Boris Karloff-style pleasant voice with a British accent. What’s not to like about this guy?  This is Gotham.  He’ll probably be forgotten about five minutes after he’s captured, but still…Professor Pyg!  I’m not even a big Professor Pyg fan, and I still dug this character.  Easily the highlight of the episode.

I mean, what’s the competition?  Sofia Falcone opening an orphanage to throw the Penguin off-balance?  I have no idea what Sofia is up to, and I don’t rightfully care just yet.  Besides, opening an orphanage is about as interesting on a show this nuts as Penguin stopping to tie his shoes.

Maybe Nygma’s half-assed attempts to blackmail Lee into helping?  Nah!  It’s kinda funny to watch Ed flounder, and Lee eventually decides to help him anyway, but I’m more interested in the Grundy stuff since Grundy apparently bleeds swamp water.  And yes, Lee can tell the difference between swamp water and regular water just by looking at it.  There’s probably a whole class for that in medical schools in this universe.  Lee has also opened a free clinic in her apartment, hence the reason she is where she is.  That’s about as sane an explanation as Gotham ever gives for anyone doing anything, and it fits in with Leslie Thompkins’s usual interpretations, but it’s also as interesting as opening an orphanage.  I don’t watch Gotham to see supporting characters doing charity work.

Nope, I just want more of Professor Pyg right now.  He’s a lot less annoying than Jervis Tetch was, that’s for sure.