December 8, 2022

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Only Murders In The Building “How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?”

Season One, Episode Three

Well, that episode title asks a good question.  I mean, I am a bit of a homebody, so I barely know any of my neighbors.  I kinda like it that way.  But then again, I am not sure how much the three main characters here even know each other, and not just because Charles writes a text like a formal letter.

That was actually a pretty good joke…

So, Mabel knows more than she’s letting on.  There’s evidence a beloved cat that died the same day as the victim was in the victim’s apartment.  And there are oh-so-many suspects.  What, if anything, can these three wouldbe podcasters hope to solve?

Wait, that’s not fair.  I mean, it’s not hard to put a podcast together.  I made one at one point, got a good ten episodes done before the pandemic and a dying laptop ended it.  Sure, I hope to resume it at some point, but we’ll see if and when that happens.  I mean, I had a lot of fun with that, and that isn’t the sort of thing I would just give up on, even if I was so egotistical as to name it after myself and let my partner do most of the talking.  She’s a better talker anyway.  See above about the homebody thing.  I am a fairly quiet person.  So, really, if I could put a podcast together, anybody can.  It just might depend on how professional that person wanted it to sound.  I mean, the mic I used was a $35 Go-Pro and…wait, I was talking about this funny show.  Never mind.

OK, back to the show.  Since we got the spotlight on Mabel, this time it’s Oliver, and it seems that his whole life was ruined by a bad show he produced.  Granted, it looks like all the shows he produced were bad, but a Splash musical with a hydraulic pool?  That doesn’t even sound like a good idea.  It’s a wonder Nathan Lane isn’t homeless after financing that thing.

Yes, Nathan Lane is a deli-owner who financed Oliver’s show, and before this episode is over, he’ll finance the podcast.  Why does a podcast cost so much money?  Wait, I better stop that or I start the nonsense I started above again.  Nathan Lane as Teddy Dimas is financing the show.

That said, I can see why Oliver was successful once.  He just won’t take no for an answer and, when he’s in the zone, he sure sounds like he can pull stuff off.  But Splash got some actors hurt, the play flopped, he lost his son’s college fund, and his wife divorced him for that last one.  All he has left is his bulldog Winnie.

Sting also lives in the building.  He’s not a suspect, but he does hate dogs.  What kind of person hates dogs?  That ain’t right.

Then again, Howard the cat owner has a portrait of a cat he hated and the corpse of another one in the freezer.  He’s cleared because he faints at the sight of blood, as seen when Charles develops a nosebleed because he can’t handle being around people that much.  That seems far more true than anything else, and I am sure the next episode will explain why he’s as much a loser as Oliver appears to be.

Still, Oliver is growing on me as a character, and after publishing the first episode of the show, he gets a warning note on his door…and someone poisoned Winnie!  What kind of person poisons dogs?  That ain’t right.

Does it say much that I feel more sorry for Winnie than Tim Kono?

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