May 20, 2024

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Locke & Key “Small World”

Season Two, Episode Three

You know what?  That was fairly clever.

See, Bode found a new key, and this one doesn’t work on anything in the house.  He lucks out on a playdate with his new pal Jamie because it fits inside her dollhouse.  Said dollhouse looks exactly like the Keyhouse, and her father Josh bought it at a secondhand store or something.

By the by, I still don’t care at all what is going on with Nina and Josh.  Moving on from there.

The key, eventually referred to as the “Small World Key,” allows the user to change things in the Keyhouse.  Bode moves his dresser and accidentally breaks his bed before going home and seeing that stuff happened for real, and since the dollhouse is in Jamie’s house, she puts a Gummi bear inside, giving Bode a giant Gummi to eat.  See, this is fairly clever.

But then a spider crawls in through a window.  See, as long as the key is inside the dollhouse, changes can be made, and that tiny spider is now a giant spider, one that webbed up the inside of the house and is chasing Tyler, Bode, and Erin through the house.

Yes, Erin Voss moved into the house.  Yes, she remembers the keys.  No, she won’t say why.  The keys are bad.  Oh, and Duncan doesn’t remember her at all.  Give him a few seconds, and he won’t remember the giant spider that wrecked the kitchen after Jamie killed it with a giant pencil.  Apparently, when Duncan, Erin, and their generation were younger, Rendell tried to make some keys, but he couldn’t.  Duncan could, so they wiped his memory of all that with the Plant Key.  You know, one of the keys Dodge took.

Dodge has other problems.

But here’s a thought:  does Eden have any parents?  I mean, maybe something happened to them and I just forgot about it.  That happens.  But Dodge wants to drive a wedge between Scot and Kinsey, so he has her use the Music Box Key to control Scot’s actions and make it look like he’s attacking Dodge.  Kudos to the actor for keeping a confused look on his face the entire time.  All Eden has to do afterwards is put the Music Box back before Kinsey or Duncan find it missing, and she does have the Everywhere Key…or she did until she accidentally left it behind and had to walk back to the shack she and Dodge are sharing.  And it occurred to me…why isn’t Eden, even as she is possessed by a demon, staying with her family?  She does have one, right?  Aren’t they worried about her?  If they aren’t…man, her story just got a hell of a lot more tragic.

Regardless, there’s a key to use to retain an adult’s memory, something Duncan forged, but he forgot, so that means using the Head Key to try to help him not be so confused all the time.

Also, Dodge still can’t make a key when it blows up in his face rather literally.  I may have to give that ghost more credit than I thought.

So, yeah, nice story about a giant spider, and me wondering what’s up with Eden’s family.  If she has one.