June 20, 2024

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Lost In Space “Nothing Left Behind”

Season Three, Episode Four

Well, that was actually an exciting and compact 40 or so minute episode.

See, SAR is a jerk.  Like, a genocidal jerk, but still a jerk.  I still don’t know what that guy’s whole problem is, but he really wants Will Robinson for some reason.  Possibly to kill him.  Will, by now, has figured out that the alien city that he found on that planet had what sounded like an alien language, and he suspects that he can maybe reprogram the other robots to be less homicidal.  It’s a big universe.  The humans can have Alpha Centauri and the robots can have…I dunno, Beta Centauri or something.

But since SAR is a jerk, he uses that trick Scarecrow used to call Robot to basically show the kids that he was about to kill all of their parents.  Clearly, it’s a trap, something designed to lure the kids back and take out all of the humans.

You know, when Bender said he wants to kill all the humans, it’s funny.  When SAR says it (sort of since he doesn’t really talk), it’s just mean.

Now, since this is Lost in Space, that means that the kids are not going to let their parents die, and the parents are going to burn each and every possible piece of information to keep the machines away from their children…except for Maureen who has to hold onto something.  Man, it’s almost like being the lead on a show gives you special privledges.

Fortunately, Will and Judy are smart, and with help from Grant, they do go back for the parents…using the Fortuna as the Jupiter was on automatic pilot and a decoy.  Stupid SAR fell for it too!  That jerk!

Anyway, with the Robot’s help, there’s a rift for all the other Jupiters to fly through.  There’s only one left, the one containing the Robinsons, Don, Robot, and…Smith?  Oh, she’s distracting everyone so Will can test his alien language theory.  It does seem to shut some robots down, but not SAR because alien languages don’t work on jerks.  With him closing in and the Robinsons realizing he’s following them to Alpha Centauri, they go off somewhere else to be, once again…lost in space.

I am sensing a theme here.

Well, that means a crash landing is about to happen, and that means everyone needs to bail out.  But Maureen and Judy’s ejectors jam, so I hope the Jupiter has good airbags.

See, that’s a lot of action…and it occurs to me I haven’t said much about Penny Robinson for this final season so far.  Well, as soon as she does something I think is worth mentioning, that will change.