December 8, 2022

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Class “Detained”

The kids find themselves trapped in a classroom floating in a black void where they are forced to speak their most private truths.

I am well past the halfway point for this eight episode-run, I still don’t know why Matteusz doesn’t count as a member of the main group, and the things that have come through the fissure in time and space so far have included vines, flowers, and shadows.  To these incredibly dangerous-sounding things, we can now add a rock.

OK, it’s more of a meteorite than a rock, but a rock is a rock, even if it glows.

The general plot gets off the ground where Quill has put all of the other characters in detention while she goes off to deal with something else.  At that moment, a rift opens up, a glowing rock comes through, and the classroom is transported to a void.  There’s nothing outside the doors or windows, and when Matteusz picks up the rock–because someone has to–he sees a vision of his grandmother accepting his sexuality and then he starts saying the things he really feels deep down, the things he feels guilty about, namely that he loves Charlie but, because Charlie isn’t human and a prince, he’s also afraid of Charlie.

So, that’s weird.  Here’s the skinny as the characters eventually find out:  the meteor is a prison.  There’s a mass murderer in there.  His punishment is to stay in there, knowing nothing except his own guilt, until such time as someone feeling more guilt deep down gets sucked in instead.  The classroom is in a timeless void where no one will need food or water and won’t age, but the prisoner will always speak truth if asked a question, but holding onto the rock too long will kill the holder, so no one can pick it up more than once.  Additionally, the kids will start to say more and more things just by being in the room with the rock, such that by episode’s end, most of them go off their separate ways.

Anyway, here’s what they each feel guilty about:

  • Tanya thinks the others only let her hang around as some kind of kid sister, and she doesn’t really belong with the others.  Later she even makes a point about her race where she thinks April’s general optimism fits for a white girl.
  • Ram loves April with all his heart but thinks she doesn’t feel it in return.
  • April confirms Ram’s fears.
  • And Charlie…

Oh boy.  Charlie confesses before he even picks up the rock that he never had any friends before, that he really wants to destroy the Shadow Kin with the Cabinet of Souls but doesn’t feel right about it, and when he does get the rock, knows he will eventually lose Matteusz as well.

Now, much of this seems like standard teenage angst, but giving each character a different honest fear while also having them say, without the rock, that this is just a deep fear they have in the moment that can change over time–April in particular wants to love Ram, but she just hasn’t gotten there yet–doesn’t seem to hold much hope and the group disbands, almost certainly to reunite in the series finale.

In the meantime, the confessions also mean Charlie feels the most guilt, so he’s going to get sucked into the rock…until Quill returns and blows the rock up with her gun.  Wait, she got her gun back?  And her hair is longer?  And she has a scar over one eye?  And the thing keeping her obedient has somehow been removed?

Where the heck did she go?

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