December 2, 2022

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Class “Co-Owner Of A Lonely Heart”

April finds sharing a heart with the king of the Shadow Kin more problematic than she first thought.

So, apparently, when you share a heart with an alien warlord, it causes problems for both of you.

That would be the main point in this episode, the first of a two parter, where April starts to take on characteristics of the Shadow Kin king Corakinus.  That seems to include yelling about soldiers who make tactical retreats as cowardly when they really just sign up to die, showing shadowy flashes across her hands, and even manifesting the Shadow Kin’s distinctive short sword weapons that can cut through or vaporize anything.  Also, lots of yelling.

Man, does she do a lot of yelling in this episode.  The only one she doesn’t seem to yell at is Ram, and that may be because the two of them hooked up in this episode.  On the one hand, since Charlie prefers the company of men, Miss Quill hates everyone, and Tanya is much younger than the others, this does make a lot of sense if you want a cute hetero pairing.  But didn’t Ram see his girlfriend Rachael die right in front of him, like, a week ago or something?

It may not matter.  The point is April needs someone in the group, and if you want it to be at least a little romantic, there aren’t many viable options.

Also, I must have misheard April when she said her father died in a car accident.  He’s still very much alive and not allowed to see her, but he’s hanging around anyway, especially when he gets the impression that she is in some sort of trouble.  That is what prompts a lot of the yelling mentioned above.

But in a nice twist, Corakinus is having his own problems.  Sharing a heart with April is as unacceptable for him as it is for her.  Especially when that becomes as much about “heart” in the metaphorical sense as it does the literal.  Sure, April and Ram have a bit of fun without any pants, but Corakinus tries that with a female subject, and he…can’t seem to perform right.  Likewise, April’s anger at her father seems to be manifesting on both sides of the heart issue, making both April and Corakinus more inclined towards irritability.  And as much as I like that Ram wants to get the others to help…what exactly can they even do?

As for what they are doing, Charlie is ordering Quill to go to his parent-teacher conferences against her will, to the general displeasure of both Matteusz (who is still for some reason not a part of the group) and Tanya while Quill is meeting up with the new head teacher, Ms. Ames.  Ames found some killer flower petals.  So far, they’ve mostly attacked and killed birds and squirrels, but the things can pierce skin and, when exposed to blood, multiply exponentially.  That could be something Charlie could use the Cabinet of Souls on, but he’s reluctant to use it for anything because it would mean the end of his people forever.

And Ms. Ames is…suspicious.  She apparently knows something about the robot sent to monitor Quill in the second episode.

So, I am mostly liking what I am seeing.  April’s mom doesn’t approve of Ram but that’s because she doesn’t seem to approve of most men his age in light of her own experience.  April’s dad sucks.  April doesn’t kill him but does slice his mobile phone in half.  And then she slashes through spacetime to go talk to Corakinus personally, Ram following.

So, the only one who can fight anything is on another plane while killer flower petals rain down everywhere.  I can see where this might be a problem.

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