May 19, 2024

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Locke & Key “The Premiere”

Season Two, Episode One

Netflix has already renewed this series for a third season, even before the second dropped.  There may be a reason for that, most likely one connected to making sure Bode Locke doesn’t get too much older during the course of the series.  I mean, the whole thing is on the clock now.

That “on the clock” thing is simple:  Tyler is going to turn 18 in a few months.  His girlfriend Jackie is turning 18 in only a couple weeks, and she is already starting to forget about the keys.  That ain’t good.  That selective amnesia thing does mean the various Locke kids can use all kinds of keys, such as the Head Key, newfound Samson Key, and a few others, and mother Nina will forget all about it mere minutes after being told why young Bode is moving a large sofa around by himself, for example.

Then again, this series has greatly deviated from the source material right now.  Dodge, whatever name he/she is going by, was working more or less alone before, and right now he has help from an equally-possessed Eden.  The two of them murder at least two people in this episode, and there are some more general problems in that none of the other kids know Dodge is still loose.  The Dodge they tossed into the void was poor Ellie.  Likewise, Eden’s efforts to use the Identity Key to become Kinsey to steal more keys backfires because you can’t change your identity into a real person and…wait, what face was Ellie wearing when she got dumped into the void?  Her own, right?  Was Dodge wearing her face at any time?  I don’t remember.  This is gonna haunt me.

Nevertheless, Eden is a demon, and as the school’s resident mean girl, no one might notice right she’s really evil now as long as she refrains from killing more movie theater employees who like hitting on high school girls.

The biggest problem for the kids is they don’t know Dodge is still loose, and he and Eden even managed to get another piece of metal to make their own key.

The biggest problem for me is this show often becomes more like a standard high school drama with relationship issues as seen in this episode where Kinsey is uncertain about her romantic feelings for Gabe (secretly Dodge) or Scot.  That’s, well, dull.  I am not interested in whom these kids are dating.  I am likewise uninterested in whom Nina might be dating.  Call me crazy, but I watch horror shows for the horror, not the high school and dating drama.

Regardless, for a season premiere, Locke & Key managed to do a lot right.  It reminded me of all the major players and what their status is, even adding one more by allowing the kids’ Uncle Duncan to move into the Keyhouse.  It put some closure, so to speak, on the Savini Squad’s movie by having it premiere (hence the episode title) while reminding the viewer about how adults can’t remember what the keys do.  It even showed the Locke kids using the keys to their own advantage as a way to make things a little simpler for themselves, like using the Matchstick Key to start a small bonfire on the beach during a party scene.  But at the same time, the episode didn’t give everything away.  What are Dodge and Eden up to?  I have no idea, only that it can’t be good, and now they have a key of their own.

The bottom line is this show is back, using all the things I liked and all the ones I didn’t.  I’ll be the judge on how that all turns out.