April 24, 2024

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Doctor Who “Death In Heaven”

The Doctor can either find a way to defeat Missy and her Cyberman army...or he can lead them.

Well, modern Doctor Who finally got the Brigadier onto the show.  Sort of.  I mean, actor Nicholas Courtney had already passed away by the time this episode was made…

Alright, so, at least the Doctor explains how Missy could put an entire Cyberman facility into St. Paul’s Cathedral without being noticed.  Basically, it’s the same sort of technology that the TARDIS uses where something is bigger on the inside.  And UNIT actually shows up, led by Kate Stewart, to drug and arrest Missy more or less right away, so that was why no one panicked and ran away.  They were all UNIT officers.  Hey, that nice woman scientist who had a very distinctive scarf is back with an equally distinctive bow tie!  Really, UNIT was a lot more on-the-ball than they usually appear to be.

Heck, even Clara seems to be doing OK inside the facility by telling the Cybermen that she’s not Clara but actually the Doctor, and she knows enough about the Doctor’s long biography that the Cybermen are confused enough to leave her alone.

Confusing the Cybermen is always a plus.

But this can’t be that simple because the Cybermen all take off and many explode, causing a rain to fall on every cemetery around the world.  That includes the funeral home where Danny’s body is being processed.  It seems that this water, later explained as “cyberpollen,” has the power to convert dead people into Cybermen, giving Missy an army made up of everyone who ever died.

Wait, hold on…everyone?  Bodies don’t last forever.  So, I am guessing it only works on people who haven’t been dead long enough to leave, well, nothing behind.  And as Cybermen go, these guys seem more clumsy and confused aside from the one that saw through Clara’s lies and flew away with her.  And does this only work on humans because there are probably a lot of dead things on Earth that could become Cyber…whatevers.  I mean, Stephen King warned us about that pet cemetery…

Eh, it doesn’t much matter.  UNIT also knocked out the Doctor to get him on a special plane where the President of Earth is to be kept to coordinate all world powers in the event of an emergency.  The Doctor wonders what idiot the president might be before realizing it’s him.  Why do planets keep trying to make the Doctor their president?  He always runs away the first chance he gets.  Whatever the reason, he doesn’t like it when people salute him, causing Kate to say her father’s one ambition was to get a salute from the Doctor, something the Doctor says he would have done had the Brigadier ever asked.

Well, this seems to be going well.  Missy is captured, and the Doctor knows what’s happening with the rain, so there must be…oh yeah, Missy escaped and killed a few UNIT personnel including the nice woman scientist with the bow tie.  Boo!

Then there’s something really silly where the Doctor falls out of the plane, not long after Kate is kicked out, and TARDIS catches him.

But see, the Doctor does have a weapon, and that’s Danny.  Danny never let his memories be deleted, and he still has his emotions, and Clara hurt him badly enough that he seems to want to finish the conversion and become a Cyberman.  The Doctor won’t hear of that because, well, that would be wrong in his view because pain makes us better and it is only when Danny gets the Doctor to shut up for a minute that the Doctor learns completing the circuit will allow Danny access to the Cybermind and see whatever it is Missy is planning to do.

Dude, learn to listen to other people sometimes, Doctor.

As it is, Missy’s plan is to use the rain to then kill the rest of the human race and make an army of Cybermen for herself.  Or, more accurately, for the Doctor because she figures he’s just like her and would do something with that to alleviate her loneliness or something.

I’m sorry…has Missy just met the Doctor because that doesn’t make a lick of sense.  Of course the Doctor doesn’t want an army, not even to punish the Daleks with.  Instead, he’ll toss the control mechanism to the episode’s real hero:  Danny.  He’s still himself, still in love with Clara, and after a rousing speech to the rest of the Cybermen, orders them all to fly up and destroy the clouds and save the human race.  Granted, they all die too, but they were already dead.

So, will someone punish Missy for all she’s done?  Clara has Missy’s disintegration device, but the Doctor doesn’t want her to use it.  He’ll use it instead.  Better he taint his own soul than she taint hers.  But he doesn’t have to because one last Cyberman finishes off Missy himself.  He caught Kate before she hit the ground and seems to know the Doctor even if he can’t talk.

So, the Brigadier finally got that salute before he also flew off to be a hero somewhere else.

Well, that was kinda sweet.  And to end Danny’s arc…the device the Doctor gave him had the power to resurrect one person.  And he doesn’t choose himself.  He did it for the kid he accidentally killed, asking Clara to return the boy to his family in Afghanistan, a simple task for public school teacher I am sure.

Now, normally, the Doctor could take care of that, but he went off to find Gallifrey.  It wasn’t there, but he doesn’t listen when Clara tries to tell him Danny isn’t coming back as he instead lies about finding his homeworld.  She lies as well about Danny being alive.  The two separate…again.  How gloomy.

Then again, the last thing I saw was Nick Frost as Santa Claus, so I am automatically feeling a lot better.