September 28, 2022

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Weekend Trek “Darmok”

Picard finds himself dealing with an alien captain with an impossible language.

There are numerous episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation that tried something different to great results.  But when Jimmy and Tom chat about one of them, what happens when one of them opts to use a device from the episode and won’t stop doing it?

Well, it might be a bit annoying, but it happened anyway.  See below for details.


Picard finds himself alone with an alien captain who speaks only in metaphor.

jimmy:  I’m not sure what went on in this episode, I was too distracted by Picard’s suede jacket.

tomk:  Jimmy, when the jacket appeared.

jimmy:  Haha

tomk:  Jerry, the jacket reversed.

jimmy:  I got nothing. Unlike Picard, who could communicate perfectly with the Metaphorians after one campfire conversation.

tomk:  Picard at the campfire, talking to Earl the Mechanic.

jimmy:  This guy?

tomk:  The Batman, friend to Earl.

jimmy:  That’s what I figured.  :slightly_smiling_face:

The video above was the first search result for “Earl the mechanic”…

tomk:  The algorithm, not a good ally.

The Beaver when the walls fell…

jimmy:  So, let’s be honest, that’s a terrible way to communicate with each other.

tomk:  The references unknown, Picard his face confused.

jimmy:  Exactly.

tomk:  Picard, his patience rewarded.

Riker, his fist closed.

jimmy:  That’s our Riker.  Always thinking with his fists.

tomk:  Riker, not a diplomat, his actions harsh.

jimmy:  Are you going to do that the whole chat on this one?

tomk:  Jimmy when he figured it out.

jimmy:  I figured it out a while ago, I was just seeing if it would last.

tomk:  Watson when his pants fell.

jimmy:  Right.  “Fell.”

tomk:  The Moose unamused but with a new t shirt.

jimmy:  Haha, that’s awesome.

tomk:  Ashley Judd in Engineering.

jimmy:  I didn’t even recognize her to be honest, but happened to see her name in the credits.

tomk:  Ashley Judd in her first acting job.

jimmy:  And Geordi managed not to hit on her.

tomk:  Geordi at the HR hearing.

jimmy:  Riker dropped by after Picard was back in tow.

tomk:  Picard in the library.

jimmy:  With the candlestick?

tomk:  Neil Patrick Harris at the book signing.

jimmy:  Watson influences the Oscars.

tomk:  Ryan, when the movie was mentioned.

jimmy:  Probably how Troi felt when Darmok meant like 50 different things.

tomk:  Jenny during a DC talk.

jimmy:  Exactly.

I’m getting a little tired of Picard being smarter than Data.  I mean c’mon.  At least in this one, Data (and Troi) did figure out how the Metaphorians language worked, but had no context to understand it.

tomk:  Data his positronic brain full. Troi when she needs to be helpful.


tomk:  The Far Side, enjoyed by most.

jimmy:  As it should be.

tomk:  The Green Goblin, teaching that class?

jimmy:  No.  Osborn.

tomk:  Tom, his eyes open.

Ryan, when the [reference to a different show that just aired] attacked.

jimmy:  The article published after spoilers.

tomk:  The invisible monster, surviving the episode.

jimmy:  Yeah, they didn’t do much to develop his character.

tomk:  Jonathan when the walls fell.

jimmy:  This does seem like an impossible language to facilitate their technologically advanced culture that can disable the Enterprise with ease, etc.

tomk:  Webster, his dictionary useless.

jimmy:  Uh huh.

tomk:  Jimmy, at the buffet table, his point made.

The Moose, delivering the bacon.

jimmy:  He’s great like that.

tomk:  The Moose, also giving a shirt.

jimmy:  I would wear that.

tomk:  Jimmy, his sense of style admired.

Cousin Minka, accepting no substitutions.


tomk:  Danica Patrick, nearing the finish line?

jimmy:  God, I hope so.

tomk:  A familiar face, in the next episode?

This joke, quite old.

jimmy:  Tom and Jimmy moving on.

Next:  “Ensign Ro”

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