June 22, 2024

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Succession “Chiantishire”

Season Three, Episode Eight.

There’s a part of me that wonders why Logan Roy was invited to his ex-wife latest wedding, or why the various executives from Waystar seem to be there as well, but this show does seem to be more about how Waystar is Logan’s real love, so why not treat the executives as family?

By the by, a character I have always been a little curious about was referenced in this episode, namely Connor’s mother.  No name was given, just a note she exists somewhere.

Alright, this here is the penultimate episode of season three, and if there’s a theme to this one, it’s that the Roys seem to say things without really thinking about what they’re saying and only hear what they want to hear.  That may include Cousin Greg, who seems to be wondering how well his game is even as he has some kind of a relationship going with Kendall’s cute PR person.  Can he flirt with a minor member of a European royal family and maybe get somewhere?  Hard to say as Roman keeps interrupting him.

But man, Roman was riding so high for this episode, talking about firing Shiv in the future to her face and even ironing things out with Matsson when that Elon Musk-lite type starts doing stuff to manipulate stock prices.  Matsson is more interested in a merger than a buy-out, so he’s working to raise his stock prices.  He also says he is tired of success and wants to look into failure, which, I dunno, seems like a HUGE RED FLAG to me.  But I’m not a business kind of guy, so what do I know?

Then again, Roman does end up shooting himself in the foot by trying to send Gerri a dick pick and accidentally sends it to Shiv and Logan during an important meeting.  Logan’s first instinct is to fire Gerri before he’s reminded she’s actually the victim here.  Quite frankly, he seems more angry at Roman not for doing it at all but for sending to Gerri given Gerri’s age.  So, a young woman would have been OK?  Sure, Shiv wants Gerri to press charges, but let’s just say that can’t be because Shiv cares about Gerri when it looks more like she wants to oust Roman.

Of course, Shiv heard her mother say that Shiv shouldn’t have children, but she decided to do the opposite.  Tom wants to have kids.  Shiv offered frozen embryos.    Not quite the same thing.  And then, during the sex, she said she didn’t love Tom.  And her explanation the next day, that it was just dirty talk…man, she is bad at this too.  She even says just because she doesn’t love him but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him.

Again, I know how the season ends.

Connor, meanwhile, publicly proposes to Wila, and her reaction is just so…correct.  She doesn’t answer right away, but both fake that she did.

But in a world when no one really listens to what they’re saying, there’s Logan and Kendall.  Kendall wants a clean break from his father, willing to take the buy-out option he got for his birthday.  Logan changes his mind.  He likes keeping his son close.  Kendall says Logan is a toxic influence, someone who would ask his grandson to taste something to check for poison, and Kendall isn’t cut out to be the hero.  Logan then points out he’s been bailing Kendall out for Kendall’s entire life, pointing to that dead waiter as a prime example.

And me, I sit there and think, “They’re both right.”

I don’t think either of them see it that way, but they’re both right.  Logan is toxic.  Kendall is helpless.

But by now, all of Logan’s children by his second wife have pretty much disappointed him, so…onto the season finale.