February 29, 2024

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Blake’s 7 “Warlord”

Avon tries to broker an alliance against the Federation, but one of the people he contacted is a double-agent.

This penultimate episode, apparently, is the final appearance of Servalan.  Is she in any way punished for what she’s done?  Not in the slightest.  Then again, there’s a reason for that I’ll discuss when I write up the final episode.

In the meantime, what’s she up to this one last time?

Well, actually, she’s not in this episode all that much, so I won’t say much about her.  Instead, we have an episode that focuses on…Tarrant?  Really?  OK.  I guess I better just…wait, he’s having one of those one-episode romances?  And his girlfriend has ridiculous hair and 80s music video make-up?

Oh, I am not going to like this one all that much.

I should have known from the opening minutes.  Avon is trying to set up an alliance between various resistance groups to fight the Federation.  He has the antidote for the suppression gas, one that makes one world look like something out of a George Romero movie involving zombies in a shopping mall, but he lacks both the means to mass produce it or deploy it.  One potential ally has the means to make it, another has the means to deploy it, and the rest could use it.  And yes, they will work together but man..is this one ridiculous-looking bunch of men.  I mean, I know this is a sci-fi show with a questionable budget, and I wouldn’t say anything if this were Doctor Who from the same era, but this is a more serious, mature-minded series.  That’s…different.

Anyway, one guy there, Zukan, has sold out the others to Servalan, but his daughter Zeeona, is in love with Tarrant and she sneaked over to see him.

My God, I tried, but I can’t get much into Tarrant.  He seems like a guy who came from a very different show.  He’s, like, a more traditional sci-fi hero, but this is not really a traditional sci-fi show.  There’s a reason Avon is basically the lead character at this point, the one Servalan seems inclined to take extra precautions around.  That all just makes Tarrant a much blander character.  That’s not a knock on actor Steven Pacey.  He does what he can with the material he’s been given.  As it is, Tarrant is, perhaps, just too much of a noble hero for a show that really doesn’t have much use for such a character.  And if there’s one thing I don’t much care for from any sci-fi show, or any show really, it’s that old chestnut about that great love whom we never heard of before and won’t hear about again.  That’s Zeeona to a “T”.  Even if she didn’t have ridiculous hair…wait, let me show you what she looked like and you can see the hair for yourself.

Is that a headband, or are those her bangs?

The point is, episodes like this don’t really allow for much character development.  Tarrant is in love with Zeeona, and she will disobey her father to see him even after he set a booby-trap to kill the crew of the Scorpio on their base.  That’s a cliched character.  I think I got more character development on Soolin based on her own interaction with Zeeona than I did for Tarrant.  And allow me to say here given there’s only one episode left….Soolin has what sounds like a really dark backstory that will now never really be developed, and that’s something of a shame.

Anyway, the trap is sprung, Soolin and Avon are elsewhere and only quick thinking (and shooting) on her part keeps them both alive while the other characters are trapped in the base with Orac damaged and unable to help.  Zukan, betrayed by Servalan, offers some help, but in the process of cleaning up her father’s mess, Zeeona dies.  Tarrant is upset.  Roll credits.

There’s only one episode of this show left, and I actually do know how the show ends, but as for my thoughts on the episode itself…those are coming, but not for this entry.