May 24, 2022

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Blake’s 7 “Gold”

The Scorpio crew get pulled into a massive gold heist, promising a big reward.

OK, so, two odd things about this episode:  1) Avon has another friend? and 2) Avon said something nice about Vila’s general intelligence.

The first I can’t explain.  The second, well, I’ll just point out Vila wasn’t there to hear it.

Apparently, gold is still valuable in the future.  Who knew?  Well, Keiller, an old friend of Avon’s, has a line on some and gives the Scorpio a call.  The promise of a lot of riches would normally be a good way to get Vila onboard with any plan, but this one stinks to him, so he spends the episode more or less on the Scorpio.  Yes, the crew are engaging in a heist, but the thief in their party wants nothing to do with it.

Keiller, upon hearing Vila exists, asks why he didn’t come over to talk.  Avon said Vila’s instincts said it stunk and Vila’s instincts are often right.  Since it was just one episode earlier where Avon was calling Vila an inferior male, draw your own conclusions.

Anyway, Keiller knows of a planet named Zerok.  Zerok has a big gold mine, and it routinely sends big shipments to Earth on a passenger liner where all the vacationers are drugged to think they’re having a good time.  There are few guards.  Why few guards when there’s that much gold?  Simple:  the gold is hit with some kind of energy projection that turns into useless “black gold” that is not now nor has ever been Texas Tea, but only the receivers at the other end have the code to turn it back to a valuable metal again.  That’s a lot of gold, but still not enough to tempt Vila.

As it is, the trip to Zerok shows a lot more guards around the mine than expected, and at one point, it looks like Soolin and Avon are killed by a radiation blast.  The others don’t take kindly to Keiller, but the other two are fine and the barbecued corpses are actually a pair of guards.  Likewise, Avon did learn Keiller used to be a security agent for the president of the Federation.  Which one?  It doesn’t say, but if it isn’t the only one I’ve seen on this show, I will be very surprised.

So, what now?  Keiller suggests they steal the gold anyway and take it to his unnamed contact.  He’s already broken his agreement by saying that much.  The others go along with it, but Keiller is kinda wrong.  He’s very creepy toward Soolin, and at one point, he does kill an unarmed man.  So, if anything happens to him, he probably deserves it.

The plan involves teleporting Soolin, Dayna, Tarrant, Avon, and Keiller to the space liner.  Once there, they can pretend to work for the ship or be passengers.  No one will have drugged them.  Dayna fakes a medical emergency in the form of an allergic reaction to the drugs she didn’t take.  Tarrant goes as a worried boyfriend or something.  Avon and Soolin get the black gold, too unstable to teleport, and Keiller fiddles with the security tapes.  Vila comes along with the Scorpio to pick everyone up when it becomes clear the only “cure” possible for Dayna is to fly her back where she supposedly came from, and then everyone escorts her to the Scorpio with all the gold.  Avon makes a demand for a lot of Zerokian cash for the gold, and after a shoot-out and Avon’s being trapped between ships when the gig is up (quick teleportation preventing him from getting sucked out into the vacuum with a hapless guard), it’s time to take the gold to the buyer.

And…oh, surprise surprise, it’s Servalan.  Lots of guns on all sides.  No one wants Keiller.  But then Servalan agrees to meet the deal, taking the worthless gold in exchange for the cash.

Huh.  That worked out unexpectedly well.  Two billion or so credits for each person on the Scorpio.  So, how did Servalan screw them over?

Oh, Orac chimes in to say that Zerok joined the Federation.  Thus, the code to turn the gold back was shared, so Servalan got a lot of gold.  Also, that 10 billion in cash is now worthless.

Well, that stinks.  Then again, Vila thought it was a bad idea, Avon agreed with him, and if I have learned anything about this show, it is that nothing good comes when those two guys agree on something.

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