May 24, 2022

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Weekend Trek “In Theory”

Data decides to try out a romantic relationship with an interested shipmate.

In general, we here at the Next Generation rewatch like Patrick Stewart and Data-focused episodes.  So, what happens when Stewart made his directorial debut on a Data-focused episode?  Well, Jimmy and Tom talk about that below.

“In Theory”

When a crew mate shows interest in Data, he decides to give romance a try.

jimmy:  I’ll still never get how anyone thinks that Picard can manually pilot a starship better than Data, or the ship itself.

tomk:  Um, Patrick Stewart directed the episode?

And Data was busy.

jimmy:  For some reason when I read your last message when I was half asleep I thought it said, “Data was horny.”

tomk:  I had no idea these chats were so boring. Have a hot coffee.

jimmy:  Not boring, just gotta sleep at some point. Unlike Data, who spends his time getting love advice from all his friends and eventually just writing himself some new sub programs.

tomk:  And here I thought you were shattering the illusion that we don’t have these chats all in one sitting as suggested by the transcript.

jimmy:  If I haven’t moved, is it still one sitting?

tomk:  Are you asking from the toilet?  That could mean other problems.

jimmy:  Thankfully, no.

tomk:  Then maybe.

You’re doing better than Data who barely noticed Jenna’s broken heart.

jimmy:  Yeah, he was pretty cold there at the end. But, he called that from the start.

tomk:  And credit to Troi for being the only one to remember her feelings when giving Data advice.

jimmy:  That is her job. No shock that Riker was all for Data reaping as many benefits as possible.

tomk:  And Worf threatened him.

jimmy:  That’s his job. Or something.

tomk:  Plus Geordi acknowledged he sucks at relationships.

jimmy:  Not that we needed him to.

tomk:  I’m surprised he didn’t ask you for help since the actress is Canadian.

jimmy:  Is she now?

And I’m probably as helpful as Geordi.

tomk:  Well, she is in the future.  Is her last name “Impossible”?

jimmy:   Probably not.

tomk:  Too bad.  You, Worf, the Moose, and the Beaver would make a hell of a tag team to talk to Data about that break-up.

Or perhaps “talk” to Data.

jimmy:  It’s hard to blame Data though. I felt like Riker gave him the worst advice. Though a lot of the blame has to fall on…I can’t even think of her name…she knew full well he was an emotionless Android.

tomk:  Jenna.  Her name was Jenna.

Also, Riker of all people should know about rebound relationships.

jimmy:  You think Riker cares about that?

tomk:  He should.  It would save him a lot of recriminations from angry exes if he did.

jimmy:  You think Riker cares about that?

tomk:  Well…if he knows when someone is vulnerable and is that awful a person, then yes.  RIker’s advice here is based on the idea that Jenna Impossible (or whatever her last name was because I don’t care to look it up) is thinking rationally after a break-up.

jimmy:  And that Data is not an android.

tomk:  Maybe Picard was right to back out with an excuse.

jimmy:  I thought Picard’s answer was the most honest.

tomk:  Maybe Data should have asked Crusher.

jimmy:  She was still busy being pregnant.

tomk:  Wesley came back?

jimmy:  You didn’t know TNG was taking place in a time loop?

tomk:  I did. But according to my own time loop, I have to ask that question.

Dr. Manhattan rules suck.

jimmy:  Makes sense.  A good demonstration of Data being in over his head though.  Anyone else probably isn’t asking the whole bridge crew for romantic advice.

tomk:  Didn’t Wesley do that?

jimmy:  Because he was a kid.

tomk:  But he is someone else.

jimmy:  Touche.

tomk:  Riker demonstrated talking to women on Guinan then.

jimmy:  And it worked!

Though Guinan (who it seems like we haven’t seen in a long time) didn’t do much to help Data.

tomk:  Can anyone really help Data here?  Arguably Troi is the only one to give good advice.

jimmy:  And Picard.

tomk:  Well, Geordi’s advice wasn’t that different from Picard’s.

jimmy:  That’s true.

tomk:  I am assuming Crusher’s advice was too graphic for television.


tomk:  Or worse.

Captain Jake probably recommended taking Jenna to a kegger.

jimmy:  He did try using alcohol a few times, maybe Jake was onto something.

tomk:  Data apparently taste tests for Guinan because deep down, she’s as dumb as Jenna because she asks the android for help like that.

jimmy:  I thought that was odd as well.

tomk:  Odd like Picard finding his stuff underneath his desk?

jimmy:  Odder.

tomk:  Odd like Data having a cat named Spot?

Does anyone else have a pet?  Beyond Picard’s fish?

jimmy:  I’m sure someone does.

tomk:  Picard seems to like dogs…or he does in his old age.

jimmy:  Dogs are idiots. Think about it, Tom. If I came into your house and started sniffing at your crotch and slobbering all over your face, what would you say?

tomk:  If you did it, Jimmy?

jimmy:  Hmm. Maybe we should change the subject?

tomk:  Yeah…so how about that woman stuck in the floor?

jimmy:  For such a light hearted episode, it certainly gave us one of the darkest scenes in the series. Especially the lingering shot of her, blood running down her face.

tomk:  Yeah, an episode that ends with an emotionally hurt woman and an oblivious character sure is light hearted.

jimmy:  Oh come on. The whole thing is about an Android trying to find love. Fine “mostly light hearted”. Better?

tomk:  Sure. Have a bag of Oreos.

jimmy:  Nice. But yeah, the woman in the floor was pretty disturbing.

tomk:  Almost as disturbing as Riker’s romantic advice.

jimmy:  Almost.

tomk:  Well, the Reverse Angle guys didn’t care for this one, possibly because they are droidists or robophobics.

jimmy:  I find their review harsh, but not wrong.

tomk:  That’s probably because you also once dated a robot.

Jenna probably missed this PSA:

jimmy:  Haha. She certainly did!

tomk:  Well, Jimmy, I think we all learned a valuable lesson.

jimmy:  Don’t listen to Riker?

tomk:  Or find out what Worf’s been up to. His dating problems end in a different kind of heartbreak.

jimmy:  Women don’t generally like being conquered.

tomk:  Klingon women might expect it.

But if you’d like to see a different kind of woman problems and give the MVP the spotlight, we can move on to the season finale.

jimmy:  This season went fast!

tomk:  Good seasons always do.


jimmy:  Let’s do it!

Next:  “Redemption Part 1”

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