April 19, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Evil Patrol”

Season Three, Episode Nine.

Can I just take a moment to say how much I love this show?  This episode has an energy-spewing larva the size of a footlong sub, a fight with a stretchy baby thing, and a delightful song-and-dance moment from a supervillain.  Plus, Rita is messed up over the past and someone calls her on it.

What’s not to love?

Well, now that the world is more or less back to what it used to be, Rita figures it’s time to take down Laura once and for all.  Except Laura escapes rather easily and heads off to find the Brotherhood of Evil.  They can help her!  Maybe.  Possibly.

Turns out Mallah and the Brain are living in a retirement community in Boca Raton, Florida.  They haven’t been doing a lot of capital-E Evil in a while from the looks of things.  Heck, they barely remember the woman they codenamed “Madame Rouge,” but it sure does look like they’d still love to tarnish Niles Caulder’s legacy.

On the flip side, Rita wants to rally the troops to take down Laura…and the rest of the Brotherhood too.  They are evil after all.  But mostly Laura, whom Rita views as the worst without really telling most of the others why.  Small problem there:  her would-be teammates are not all that useful right now.

Jane?  She’s Kay now.  Kay has no powers.  Jane is alone in the Underground.

Vic?  His surgery was a success, so he now looks human.  He also has no powers, and the only one to congratulate him on that is Larry.  Rita needed the powers for the mission.  Kay doesn’t really know him.  Cliff is mad he’s the only one who didn’t get his life fixed after the last episode.  Oh, and Larry later says he didn’t mean it as he was just trying to be polite.

Larry?  He has that larva to take care of, and anytime someone has a strong negative emotion in its presence, it shoots off some energy blast.  Said blast is not really a useful weapon.

Now, Cliff still has his robot strength, and sure, he’ll help between grumbling, but then Clara shows up.  It seems Cliff left his Parkinson’s medication behind, and she read the warning label that use of it could cause a lot of impulsive behavior, explaining why he went as far as he did.  Clara wants to help by, among other things, sending Cliff to a real doctor and not just some website selling stuff online.  So, yeah, Cliff can’t help either.

This is so Doom Patrol.

Also so Doom Patrol is Rita asking Cliff if she is sure Clara is Clara since Laura can shapeshift.  Cliff doesn’t think so, but then finds his grandson alone and scoops the baby up…only for Clara to return with her son after a diaper change.

Yeah, Laura was disguised as the baby, leading a fight between a shapeshifting baby with Laura’s head, Cliff, Larry, Rita, and Vic.  Vic tries the arm canon before remembering he doesn’t have it.  Much of the fight involves swinging kitchen utensils at this rubber baby thing.  Kay, for her part, panics and hides.  Jane eventually comes out in time for Laura, now in her adult human form, to subdue Cliff with a taser or something and stop at the one person competent enough to hold her at bay:  Clara with a pepper spray.

But then she teleports away, so if the team was kinda so-so on helping Rita before, they sure are gonna help now just to rescue Cliff.  That means they can swing into action…mostly meaning Vic has to do a Google search on a regular computer to find the Brotherhood and Larry has to warm up the bus.  Clara, the one Rita noted was the only actual competent one, well, she’s going to stay behind because this is dangerous.

OK, so, the Brotherhood has Cliff.  What diabolical plans do they have in mind?  Laura suggested taking out the others one-by-one, but the Brain has other ideas.

He just wants Cliff’s body for himself so he can walk around and maybe flirt a bit with some of the women in the retirement community.

Yeah, that…that’s it.  Mallah injects Laura with something to cancel out her powers before dragging her and Cliff’s brain off somewhere.

As for the Brain, now in the Robotman body, he…puts on a record he and Mallah recorded once and starts dancing.  The Brain actually has a nice singing voice.  Mallah, not so much, but his lines are in French.  I’ve had that song stuck in my head for like three days as of this typing, so it was rather delightful.

That is so Doom Patrol.

Oh, but the others don’t get very far.  Larry accuses Rita (accurately) of wanting revenge on Laura more than she does to help Cliff or stop the Brotherhood.  Larry’s baby thing keeps burping up the red energy because everyone is getting mad.  Vic is upset no one is happy for his having a normal face.  And as for Jane, well, deep in the Underground, Kay found some evil-looking things and ran off to hide.  Then she screamed.  That made Jane scream.  That made Larry’s baby very upset.  The resulting energy discharge flipped the bus.

That is also so Doom Patrol.