May 24, 2022

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Blake’s 7 “Games”

Avon sets his sights on a rare power source, but the man who has it likes to play games.

Call me crazy, but maybe if you set up some games to act as boobie traps, maybe pick games that the series protagonists might not be particularly gifted at.

So, there’s this crystal called feldon, and it has an infinitely powerful output.  That’s Avon’s description, and he doesn’t toss words like “infinitely” around lightly.  Since they’re valuable and rare, that means Vila and Avon are actually both on board with getting some.

That can never be a good thing.

Regardless, Avon has a source on a planet where the Federation invested a lot of credits into getting the stuff.  Avon’s source is a slightly crooked fellow named Gerren who will almost certainly be dead by episode’s end, so I won’t say much more about him.  On the other hand, the mining operation is being run by one Belkov.  Belkov has been skimming profits for himself, and the Federation is wondering where all its feldon is.  That means a personal expedition, and that means Servalan is also there because it is apparently a very small galaxy and she’s the only one who can look into anything.

Also, Belkov likes games.  I mean, really likes games.  Gerren and some confederates, looking for the feldon, are gunned down by a quick-drawn emulator.  Gerren survived, but the others?  Not so lucky.  Belkov knows he’s in trouble, so he might be open to a deal with Avon.  He is smart enough to know Avon is coming.

Well, what does he really want?

He wants to get his flabby ass as far away from that planet as possible with as much treasure as he can take.  His personal computer, Gambit, will blow everything to bits, and that should cover his escape.  Too bad for him that Vila was listening in, and he’s good enough to convince the computer to have a little bit of self-preservation.  That gives him a circuit board and an attempt to get past the game traps and try to get those crystals.  That means Orac can guide them through the craft to the end of the line.  Soolin can beat the gun simulator.  Tarrant can win on the flight simulator.  Vila knows how to fool the lock.  And Avon can calculate the final challenge and realize it leads to a black hole.

So, no one is getting any feldon.  Belkov has it all, and Gambit decided to blow him up for being a dick.  That would knock the Scorpio into a black hole unless they can use the ship’s weapons to blow up Belkov’s feldon, the one thing strong enough to knock the Scorpio to safety.

So, to review: if both Avon and Vila think it’s a good idea, it probably isn’t.

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