May 24, 2022

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Gotham “Destiny Calling/Heavydirtysoul”

Season Three Double Length Finale

OK, normally I would be writing up only one episode at a time, but when this show aired it was as a double-length episode with two titles.  Netflix has it set up the same way.  So, yeah, the series finally ends that silly virus plot.

There’s a lot I either didn’t like or didn’t get about this finale.  For the thing I didn’t like, there’s the virus.  I got sick of that subplot pretty darn quick.  For the thing I didn’t get, well, what was up with Bruce’s brainwashing?  It didn’t make a lot of sense, but here we are.  Bruce, still under the influence, seeks out the Demon’s Head…or Ra’s al-Ghul.  He’s played by Alexander Siddig, so once again an awesome casting job by Gotham.  There’s some stuff there about destiny and a Lazarus Pit under Gotham City, Bruce stabs Alfred, and when Bruce snaps out of it, he sees what he’s done, but al-Ghul is gone by then with a cryptic hint to use the Lazarus Pit.  That does bring Alfred back to life, but not back to health, so he’ll have to go to the hospital.

And the virus…well, Gordon has it, and he fights it for a while.  Strange can make an antidote so long as he has access to Tetch.  The Cobblepot/Nygma battle continues over Tetch, and that weasel is stupid enough to tell Gordon and Bullock that the necessary ingredient is in his blood.  So, you know, superstrong, superangry Gordon knows they don’t need Tetch, just a jar of his blood.  There’s more antidote stuff, Gordon and Lee almost run off together, and Bullock reminds Gordon that Jim is a cop and not…whatever he was.  Cures are administered, most of the city is cured, and the one thing I really liked about the virus stuff in this finale is the opening moments showing random citizens rampaging through the streets and an El train running by while on fire.  The virus is done, Tetch is maybe bleeding out somewhere (I may not be that lucky), and that’s it for the virus.

And, as a bonus, Bruce and Selina broke up again in a manner that seems a lot more final, and while I like both characters, that aspect of their relationship got old, so hopefully I won’t see more of that.

But if this is all stuff I didn’t like or quite understand, what did I like or understand?

Alright, that’s a longer list, even if it wasn’t given as much screentime.  In no particular order:

Fish Mooney is back…and then not!

Yeah, Fish and Penguin were working together to make an antidote because it turns out that a chaotic city doesn’t fit into Fish’s general plans either.  That alliance means she has Hugo Strange and Oswold’s cronies in the form of Freeze and Firefly.  But then Fish gets killed during a ninja fight–ain’t it amazing how much any story can be made better with ninjas?–when Gordon accidentally skewers her.  She names Penguin her heir apparent, more or less.

Barbara still is not a criminal mastermind!

Barbara acts like she runs things.  Mostly, other characters just humor her until they’re tired of her nonsense.  That seems to be the case here.  Tabitha and Butch have had enough.  Butch, confronted by an armed Barbara, more or less knows he may not get out of this, and despite being the friendliest gangster in town, he gives her a good verbal berating and takes a bullet to the head.  He may be dead.

But his real name is apparently Cyrus Gold…

As for Tabitha, she gives Barbara a much more physical thrashing and walks out.  Later, Selina asks to be taught how to do more than survive, and that may include whip lessons.

There’s a definitive end to the Penguin/Riddler feud!

So much of that feud was about what was better:  Nygma’s smarts or Cobblepot’s instincts.  In the end, it’s Cobblepot, setting up Nygma in what looks like an easy trap for Nygma to escape from only for the Riddler to find out the real trap was the false sense of security in getting out of a pair of handcuffs and getting his hands on a gun.  That was what Penguin wanted, and he has Freeze nearby to put the wannabe Riddler on ice.  Plus, now Penguin has a centerpiece for his new “Iceberg Lounge”.  A feud like that could have been carried on for a while there, but the series ended it here.

Then again, I am sure Penguin is still technically the mayor, but nothing about this city’s governmental system makes a lick of sense.

Bruce is out in a cowl!

OK, he’s still not Batman, but he is wearing a mask to fight street criminals.  That’s progress!

It also means I am about 60% done with this show, but that’s a problem for another day when I need to decide what I am covering next.

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