June 22, 2024

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Blake’s 7 “Animals”

Dayna tries to recruit a former tutor, who is currently conducting experiments on genetically modified animals.

You know, I don’t get why Servalan is going around under an alias now.  She was the President of the Federation.  I am sure she could get her position back very easily, and the number of people she might conceivably have to worry about can be counted on the fingers of one hand.  But no, she has to keep things secret under another name for some reason…

But this is a Dayna episode, so what does she have to do that none of the others can do?  Well, Avon thinks they need allies, and she knows a scientist.  That man was her tutor at one point.  Now he’s a reclusive genius.  Apparently, he’s been working on some genetic experimentation involving these hairy guys with horns.  They don’t seem very friendly either, but they reminded me of one of the Muppets…

This guy. Apparently, his name is “Doglion”.

As it is, the scientist, Justin, saves Dayna easily enough.  He also won’t be joining her cause because, well, he needs to finish his work.  The animals outside are mostly harmless unless something riles up their leader Og.  They were part of an experiment to make radiation-resistant beings to fight in wars, but Justin doesn’t like wars and would rather breed them to work in fallout areas to help clean things up after a war, so even Dayna can get behind that.  Will she stay?

She might not have much choice.  The Scorpio was scared off by a Federation attack, and Avon really needs a good scientist to help stop that pacifying gas.  Meanwhile, Servalan got word of Justin’s existence, and she’d like those monster soldiers instead.

Small problem:  Og won’t help Justin, and Dayna’s attempts to make nice with him gets her tossed off a cliff.  She’s OK.  And by “OK,” I mean Servalan caught her and brainwashed her to hate Justin as much as she used to love him, so she’ll gladly go back to his lab and help capture him.  The small problem for Servalan is Justin, mistakenly believing Dayna was dead, destroyed all his notes.  Since the information is still in his head, that will keep him alive even as Servalan’s forces start rounding up the animals.

But the were other characters on this show!  Justin agreed to help if Dayna’s brainwashing is reversed (no problem there), but Avon doesn’t mess around as he, Tarrant, and Soolin go down and start gunning down Servalan’s various minions.  Og gets killed in the crossfire, and Justin himself gets hit trying to protect Dayna, now heartbroken her old teacher is dead because this show doesn’t like it when its heroes feel joy, I suppose.

I am not sure where they’re going with all this, but less monsters that look like Muppets would probably be a good idea.