May 19, 2022

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Succession “What It Takes”

Season Three, Episode Six.

Well, once again…Logan Roy holds all the cards.

I mean, he’s basically picking a president in this episode.  At least he’s endorsing one.  Most of the Roys are going to a conservative political conference where he’ll pick a candidate to get the Republican nomination.  There’s a lot of real life parallels there as anyone who half pays attention has seen many Republican candidates going to seek endorsements from big money donors whose names are not exactly a secret.  Democrats do the same, but I can’t personally name too many big Democratic donors the way I can Republican ones, so draw your own conclusions.  Once again, Logan Roy is standing in for, well, some real life people.

But as I said with the last entry, I already know how the season ends because it was hard to avoid spoilers, and as such, I didn’t even try.  It doesn’t bother me that much.  So, let’s look at Tom again.  Shiv is ignoring his concerns over his going to prison.  I mean, the other characters are talking like its basically a foregone conclusion.  He also doesn’t want to have sex with Shiv if she’s on the pill because he’d like a kid.  She’d not interested in that.  She is completely uninterested in, well, showing any love or consideration for her own husband.

And then there’s Kendall.  Told his random documents saved by Greg won’t really do much and his temper tantrums in the halls of power aren’t really accomplishing anything, he decides to just fire his lawyer and get some new ones.  Brilliant plan, there.  His next step is to try and recruit Tom.  Will Tom help Kendall and possibly stay out of prison?

Um, no.

He says he won’t because Logan always wins.

Unlike Greg, Tom paid attention during “Boar on the Floor” apparently because he actually realized you can’t win a game against Logan Roy because he makes his own rules up as he goes along.

So, sure, he has three candidates to choose from.  Four if you count Connor, and Connor is actually given serious consideration for some reason.  There’s the safe choice in the Vice President.  There’s a Marco Rubio-type of Senator that Shiv endorses.  And there’s a populist with fascist leanings that Roman likes.  Said populist is played by Justin Kirk.  I like that actor, but he does seem to play a number of sketchy-but-charismatic characters, so I know which one I like.

That would be none of them since the endorsement will go to whoever can get the Associate Attorney General off Logan’s back or brings him a Coke.  Or both.  Possibly both.  That would be the fascist.  Roman counseled him after he realized that guy’s audience would be good for the news network’s ratings.  It’s not about ideology, something that should matter with Shiv since she was supposed to be some kind of Democrat before, wasn’t she?  She only reluctantly joins the family photo with Logan’s endorsement when her father suggests she otherwise won’t be a part of the family.

But here it sure does look like Roman is rising.  You know, because it’s his turn to think he has his father’s favor until he learns better.

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