April 24, 2024

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Blake’s 7 “Power”

The former crew of the Liberator find themselves stuck on a different planet with different problems.

As much as I like Blake’s 7, it does have one thing that is always lacking much like Doctor Who:  the fight choreography is typically terrible.

Then there’s an episode like this one where there are an inordinate number of fights.  The above point shows quite a bit.

So, good news/bad news time:  Dorian is dead, so whatever threat he posed is gone.  That’s the good news.  His gunslinger companion Soolin disappeared afterwards.  The bad news is the Liberator‘s survivors are stuck on a different planet.  They may run out of food at some point if they don’t do something, so that means they need to get to the Scorpio and hope they can fly it.  That shouldn’t be too much of an issue:  the computer Slave will take orders from anyone on the bridge.  The only real issue is they can’t get to it.  Orac hasn’t quite fixed the teleporter Dorian was working on without a rare crystal, and Vila can’t open the door without help from Avon cracking the computer codes.

But Avon went for a walk to find some crystals, only to be ambushed by some tribal men called the Hommicks.  They’re at war with, from the looks of things, a trio of women called themselves the Seska.  The Hommicks value strength, and their leader is a forgetful dunce, but their underground structure sure does look a bit high tech.  The Seska have some advanced tech, most notably a gel that heals most injuries.

I said above there’s a lot of fight scenes in this one.  That’s true.  Both Avon and Dayna get into a duel with Hommick leader Gunn Sar.  Avon’s choice of weapon is…a glove when he can’t have a neutron blaster.  He uses that to grab some equipment out of a heating device and disintegrate Sar’s broadsword.  Dayna uses a dagger and her skills are only so good against a much larger and stronger man apparently, but the Seska help her with a little light cheating since they have telekinesis, most of it provided by those crystals Avon needed.

This is one of those episodes that has a lot of plot going, much of it dealing with the different factions all playing off each other.  The Seska find their numbers whittled down from three to none by episode’s end, and one former member kept insisting she was a woman more than a Seska, a fact that doesn’t make a lot of sense to the Seska who keep reminding her she’s a Seska.

It makes perfect sense to Avon, and probably the others.  The last Seska wants the Scorpio for herself since, well, their numbers are depleting.  Avon is the one who says it out loud in the end:  humans going to war for all kinds of reasons happens, but when it becomes a war between the sexes, it’s only a matter of time before you run out of people.  And by the time he gets done with her on the Scorpio‘s bridge, well, no more Seksas.

On the other hand, Orac got the teleporter working, and Soolin came out to more or less invite herself along with the others.  So, new ship and all, but what are these people going to do now?

Only one way to find out, I suppose.