January 24, 2022

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Blake’s 7 “Terminal”

Servalan has the perfect bait to finally get the Liberator for herself.

Series creator Terry Nation apparently only conceived of Blake’s 7 as a three season show.  That actually fits in well where this season finale ends.  Oh, the BBC renewed it for a fourth season somewhat unexpectedly, but the point stands: the story was supposed to end here.

I would have been fine with this as the finale, but I am still looking forward to the final batch.

So, Avon is acting strange.  He’s changing the Liberator‘s course, and he won’t say why.  Granted, he doesn’t seem to know why either.

The path takes the ship through a weird spot of space, and finally he arrives at a place Tarrant recognizes as an artificial planet.  It looks like Earth in a vice, so what’s down there that would make Avon want to go somewhere without telling the others?

Apparently…Blake is down there.

Yup, the guy whose name is in the title of the show, a man who’s been missing for about a dozen or so episodes.  The planet is dangerous, covered with hostile ape people, and Avon promises the others answers if they fly away and come back in an hour.  Of course, they don’t.  They also can’t.

Don’t because Tarrant and Cally follow Avon down.

Can’t because that spot of space is destroying the ship while Dayna and Vila do their best to keep the thing together.  It gets to the point where Zen actually apologizes.

Yes, the computer was at least a little self-aware the whole time.

Now, if it seems weird that Avon of all people would go looking for Blake, he does say that Blake told him that there was something Blake had, once his health recovered, that would give them both a lot of wealth and power.  All Avon has to do is trade the Liberator to Servalan for Blake.

Worth noting that Tarrant and Cally get inside the complex on their own and find that there’s tech there to fake a person’s form and voice, so Blake isn’t there.  And when confronted and at gunpoint, she even admits to it, even saying Blake is dead.  She’ll still take the Liberator, and she’ll even let all the protagonists live on her little artificial planet with nothing.  Vila is the only one left on the ship by then, and he gives the whole thing up without so much as a verbal pushback, only picking up Orac on his way to be teleported down to where the others are.  Servalan apparently doesn’t notice all the goo and mess around her and orders the ship to fly away at top speed…where it promptly explodes.

No more Servalan.

So, really, this is where the show could have ended.  The others, including Orac, are still alive.  True, Zen is gone, but no one will be fighting over the Libterator from here.

Then again, this was also Cally’s last on-screen episode, so there’s that.  I’ll probably comment more on Cally in the next episode where she is apparently killed off-screen.  How much can this series change without the ship to fight over?  I guess I am going to find out, but this here would have been a satisfying conclusion on its own.

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