April 24, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Bird Patrol”

Season Three, Episode Seven.

Well…I am starting to think the Sisterhood of Dada is more misunderstood than evil.

That is more or less how this show goes.

Or, to put it more bluntly, as Jane does to Laura, the Doom Patrol (if they even want to call themselves that) don’t really go looking for evil.  Evil just finds them and they somehow bumble their way through it anyway.  That does more or less describe everything, but Jane is mad since Cliff sold her record collection to pay his online gaming addiction.  And there’s no way he can explain it without it sounding really weird.

Then again, Larry vomited up a giant maggot that’s larger than his head.

Jane, mad, teleports Cliff to his daughter’s house, and he improvises that he can babysit his grandson and allow the boy’s two mothers a date night.  Yes, there is nothing that can go wrong there.

At this point, once again, the team has all gone their separate ways.  Vic is looking to get some artificial skin, but he’ll need to give up a lot of the tech that makes him a superhero.  Jane is fighting with the other alters in the Underground over whether or not Kay should be allowed out.  Larry is bonding with his maggot.  And Rita is still in the past, having been in the past for the better part of 30 years.  It’s 1949, she’s found love with Malcolm, and she and the other members of the Sisterhood still put on art exhibits in the basement at least for their own amusement.

All the while, Laura is being pressured to let the Bureau take the Sisterhood as meta-weapons because, even with World War II over, there’s still a metahuman arms race going on, and those guys do have some powers that could be used as weapons.  Laura finally bows to the pressure, and during the process of rounding the others up, Malcolm dies.

Uh oh.

So, really, all this time…the SIsterhood was mostly just mad at Laura for betraying them.  That would suggest their artwork still isn’t really evil.  In fact, their present day exhibit, which includes Rita, draws everyone to it through the fog.  That’s Larry and Laura from the mansion, Vic from the operating table, Cliff from his daughter’s house, and Jane…wait, Jane was in the Underground.

From there, everyone but Laura dances in a manner to remind her of Malcolm’s death, and the exhibit is a giant bird cage with what looks like the lower half of Malcolm’s face with some wings on it.  That thing flies around, makes copies of itself, and makes all the members of the Patrol disappear when they’re touched.  Which means…more weird stuff next episode!  Yay!