May 27, 2024

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Blake’s 7 “Death-Watch”

Tarrant's brother engages in ritual combat to prevent a war, but it may be rigged.

OK, so, Cally having an identical sister worked in part because the show established her people did a lot of cloning.  But Tarrant’s younger brother is also played by Steven Pacey?  I get that this show didn’t have much in the way of a budget, but this is a bit much.

Then again, it’s not like this guy appeared in a lot of episodes…

Apparently, there’s a war brewing between two planets, but to settle it as bloodlessly as possible, the whole thing will come down to a duel to the death between a champion for both worlds.  One of those champions is Tarrant’s brother Deeta.  He looks exactly like Del Tarrant except he lacks the curly hair Del has.  There’s a number of rules to cover in order to pull this off as the two will have essentially a shoot-out in a simulated environment.  There has to be a third party observer to keep it fair, and that would be Servalan.

Yeah, she’s almost certainly up to something.

As it is, Tarrant and the Liberator crew are also there, and there’s some nifty technology that allows outsiders to see the duel through the eyes of one of the contestants.  Tarrant gets to see what his brother sees and experiences.

And he’s there when his brother dies.

Oh my.

Oh wait, there was some cheating involved.  It turns out Deeta’s opponent Vinni was an advanced android.  Orac said so, so it must be true.  So, Vinni had an unnatural advantage, and Tarrant, he can go challenge the winner as a family member.  It’s another team effort.  Tarrant challenges Vinni.  Avon arranges for everything to be in place with advanced knowledge of the set-up.  Dayna can give Tarrant a much better gun than the one Deeta had.  Cally can telepathically warn Tarrant what the terrain will be.  And yes, Servalan was probably behind the whole thing for her own nefarious reasons.

Tarrant can’t lose because, well, it’s not the season finale (that’s the next one), so he gets revenge, and with some advice from Avon, the chance for Servalan to cheat the rematch that is sure to come will not come to pass.  So, yeah, Tarrant had a brother.  But that’s that for now.  On to the end of season three, and perhaps the Liberator as a whole…