December 8, 2022

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Characters Case File #359: Genesis

There was this clone of Apocalypse once, and he may not have been evil. Or he was. Who can say?

Ah, the clone.  That sci-fi storyline staple that allows people to use, you know, whatever reason a writer needs to bring in a dead character or a double for another character or whatever, and then have to decide how much or how little the clone was like the original.  Comics love those things.

But then there’s a character like Genesis.  Or Kid Apocalypse.  Or even just Evan Sabahnur.  He’s had a lot of names.  Basically, he’s a clone of Apocalypse.

Apocalypse, for the uninitiated, is an immortal, all-powerful mutant who, until recently, was an enemy of the X-Men.  He had this mantra of “survival of the fittest,” so he was more than just a the standard mutant supremacist.  He would go out and test mutants, taking some as his four horsemen, and generally slapping around whole teams of X-Men since he was more or less indestructible even in weakened forms.  Anyone he judged “inferior,” he had no problem killing, and because he was an immortal mutant with complete control over his molecular structure and a body seemingly made of some kind of metal, well, he was hard to put down permanently.  Oh sure, he would die once in a while, but it never took.  Marvel sometimes would claim he was, chronologically, the first mutant.

That said, back in the 90s, I used to say of Apocalypse and many of the other frequent X-foes was that they were a lot of immortal, indestructible types with mysterious pasts plus Magneto, at least until Magneto realized he was immortal.

Anyway, Apocalypse may have been immortal, but there was the occasional storyline where he would be dead, and during one of those, a group of some of his original Horsemen came back and cloned him.  At the time, Wolverine was leading a new X-Force team to act as the X-Men’s black ops group, the ones who would get their hands dirty where the main team couldn’t.  Among the members were the likes of Fantomex, Deadpool, and Archangel.  On their first mission, they confronted the Horsemen and discovered they had cloned Apocalypse.  Seeing the clone was still a small boy, there was an ethical decision to be made even by these guys, many of the them graduates of the Weapon X program.  This was a clone of Apocalypse, but he still looked like an innocent child.  Could they kill him?

It turned out Fantomex could, to the general shock and disgust of some of his teammates.  However, he saved some blood and made a second clone at the World, the advanced tech facility where he was created.  That clone, about the same age as the original clone, was named Evan, or maybe Genesis, and he was shipped off to the Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters where Wolverine was doing the old “instruct young mutants in how to use their powers” thing at a school named for another temporarily dead mutant.

So, the big story thing with Evan was, obviously, was nature stronger than nurture?  That was actually the whole reason for Fantomex’s experiment in the first place, and Evan was an experiment.  But, despite having many of Apocalypse’s general powers and lips, Evan was a bit shy and wanted to do right by everyone.  He made friends with the other students and everything!

See? Friends.

Unfortunately, it did seem as if every storyline was set up to show Evan would some day become a great evil.  Flash forwards showed Evan ascendant with his clone father’s powers and purpose.  Archangel could see the essence of people, and when Evan asked, Warren lied and said he saw good when, in fact, all he saw was another Apocalypse.  There was even one where an incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants kidnapped Evan, put him in the Apocalypse armor, and expected him to, you know, be Apocalypse, but he was rescued safely by, of all people, Deadpool.

Future stories would show Evan teaming up with the time lost original X-Men, and even one where he and a lot of other mutants were sent to another reality, one where Evan was the son of Apocalypse, and he spent a lot of time doing his father’s bidding only to die in combat with Omega Red, but he took that bozo with him, so all was more or less well.

Now, current X-Men lore says all the world’s mutants are now citizens of Krakoa, with Apocalypse somehow one of the leaders of the island.  Considering the island has a method of resurrecting dead mutants, it may only be a matter of time before Apocalypse and Evan, or whatever name he goes by, spend some actual time together and not in an alternate reality.  That hasn’t happened yet, but you really can’t keep a good immortal clone down.

But he is a snazzy dresser.
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