January 29, 2022

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Gotham “All Will Be Judged”

Season Three, Episode Nineteen.

You know, I really have no idea what’s going on with Bruce and the Shaman, so I don’t think I’m going to say anything more about that.  It’ll all go one way, and then I’ll have a rough idea what it means, and then this show will move on to the next bonkers thing that’s happening.

I mean, this is Gotham.  Of course bonkers things are happening!  Penguin and Riddler need to work together to get out of a pair of oversized bird cages.  They cut a deal, even as Oswold rightfully points out the Riddler’s birth couldn’t have happened if Ed became Riddler by killing the Penguin if the Penguin is still very much alive.  They manage to escape with a homemade shiv and some jell-o.  Why their captors were giving them jell-o, I don’t know.  Maybe the Court of Owls isn’t that bright.

Then again, they did think they could control Barnes, now with an ax for a hand.  Granted, he walked into that police station to get Gordon, and no one thought to bust out the guns on a guy using an ax until Jim did, but this precinct house gets busted up every three episodes as it is.  They still take Barnes alive, but he gets away again because of course he does.

He still beheaded that Kathryn woman when she tried to give him orders.  Then again, she’d been under arrest, and Gordon’s interrogation wasn’t working.  Alfred’s might have.  He showed up when Five knocked him and Selina around.  Apparently, when you’re a butler, you can just drive a sharp blade into someone’s hand and ask them questions and no one will get too mad.

I really like how Alfred on this show can kick ass until he shouldn’t be able to for plot conveniences.

But for now, the thing I want to comment on most is Lee.  She’s been calling Jim a cancer on the city for ages, and she finally decides to just ask Tetch why Mario got himself infected with the virus.  So, that’s a smart thing to do.  Stop blaming Jim for Mario’s death and blame the guy who actually gave Mario the virus.  See?  Smart.  Sure, Tetch is crazy but…

Wait, he said he did it because he could tell Lee was still in love with Jim and the whole thing was a plot to make Lee hate Jim.

And, by Lee’s own logic, that means she’s responsible for Mario’s death.

Um, no.  That’s stupid.  Tetch is responsible.  He just said so.  So, can Lee not do something stupid in response?

Oh, she took the cop’s virus sample and infected herself with it.

Man, when even a supposedly smart character does something obviously stupid, I would get upset if this wasn’t Gotham where that’s just normal.  Because, really, blaming Jim was just a TV thing to do.  Maybe a comic book.  Blame the hero when bad things happen to supporting characters is old hat and feels contrived.  It’s not really any different here, but at the same time, I don’t really expect better from this show.  That doesn’t mean this plotline is any less frustrating, but the point stands.  I’ll be glad when Lee gets over all this…once there’s a virus cure of course.

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