July 13, 2024

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The Great “Animal Instincts”

Season Two, Episode Five.

Catherine doesn’t want to go to war even though the Turkish ambassador returned to his country without his head.  Peter wants that, but he’s also smitten with Catherine.  Can these two crazy lovebirds make it work?

They’ll have to deal with the crocodile first.

Yes, there’s a crocodile loose in the palace.  It scared the kids in Catherine’s school for girls, and it took a nip out of Aunt Elizabeth before she fed it a mouse to get it to go away.  Most of the people who’ve seen it assume its a demon or a flying lizard because, well, this is Russia, and crocodiles don’t exist there.  These are a superstitious people, and even the more modern-thinking priest in court agrees it could be an omen of some kind.  Granted, it takes Catherine a while to even identify the thing, and it may have eaten a butler at one point.

Can Catherine get rid of the thing, peacefully, even as the superstitious amongst her subjects are absolutely certain the creature is a sign she shouldn’t be in charge of anything?

Well, there’s the usual shenanigans going on, not the least of which is Catherine finds Peter’s tongue…rather talented.  Is she starting to fall for that fool?  At this point in this show, I would not be the slightest bit surprised because, well, this is The Great.  He does offer advice.  She even recognizes he is uniquely skilled at killing things, but he doesn’t do anything when he spots the crocodile.  Probably after it finished off that butler.  Ultimately, Catherine knows where the crocodile came from, and she decided to ask Peter how he’d deal with it so she can do the opposite.

Bottom line:  the whole thing was a plot from Archie get what he wanted.  He just has no plan on how to get rid of the crocodile afterwards.  He wants Catherine to renounce freedom of religion (unlikely), dismiss that progressive priest (looks like he dismissed himself), and go with Archie to meet God.  Catherine agrees to the last one, and it turns out Archie can see God by taking some psychedelics.  Archie sees God like that all the time.  Catherine sees love.

But she does get an idea.  The crocodile ate a mouse instead of Aunt Elizabeth.  They have drugs.  Just feed the thing some drugged mice.  Knock it out, tie it up, take it out alive and point out it was taken care of through a combination of science and Archie’s guidance.  Everybody wins!

Well, except Velementov.  He really wants to fight something.

Oh, and the Turks are still probably going to go to war.

Oh, and the crocodile woke up and the Russians got really spooked and stabbed the thing to death, so it didn’t turn out too well for him either.

But Archie’s happy now!