March 2, 2024

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Succession “Lion In The Meadow”

Season Three, Episode Four.

Hey look!  It’s Adrien Brody!

The world of Succession is, well, awful.  But every so often, the show will pop out another rich person to act as a contrast to the Roys and their ongoing dysfunction.  The Pierces were one such family, and while there were certainly oozing with privilege, they also at least made lip service to being better people.  Ewan Roy is another, even if he’s cold and distant.  And now, there’s Brody’s Josh Aaronson.  He’s got a decent-sized stake in Waystar, enough to make some demands to ensure he votes with the Roys and not with Sandy and Stewy.

The episode ends with Aaronson throwing his lot in with Stewy from the looks of things, but that has more to do with the general dysfunction between Kendall and Logan.  Aaronson’s demand is he wants a personal reassurance from Kendall and Logan, at the same time at his house, that everything is under control.

Obviously, it goes wrong on many levels.  Logan has various underlings call in to Kendall, but he’s always listening in, and sometimes he even opens his mouth to shout some profanity to prove it.  Kendall won’t meet with his father ahead of time to smooth things over before meeting with Aaronson.  Logan does his standard “Kendall might be my replacement someday” bit, and this time it doesn’t seem to work at all.  The two sit in silence or squabble whenever Aaronson is out of earshot, with Logan even telling Kendall how Kendall can’t win because Logan managed to win over Greg and get the tattoo man.

Oh yeah, Roman spends a lot of time trying to get a homeless man that once took money from Kendall to get Kendall’s initials tattooed to his forehead.  That’s a bit low, and it’s done to make Kendall look bad, and the only reason it doesn’t go further is the man wants to retain his dignity and Gerri points out the only way to reveal that guy would also make Roman look bad.

But what is it that makes Aaronson look better than the Roys?  Well, he seems nice and considerate, and he actually thinks about the general welfare of his children.  Logan obviously hasn’t been a good father, but Kendall, well, he got his son a rabbit as a gift.  That seems nice.  Except, you know, the one time I saw Kendall’s son in this episode was when a shot panned across Kendall’s living room to show an assistant letting the boy see the rabbit.  The rabbit was in Kendall’s house.  The boy was videocalling through a tablet.

Granted, keeping Kendall and the other Roys far, far away from that kid is probably good for that kid, but Kendall’s blatant lies to Aarsonson about how much he takes care of his son is just another sign that, well, the Roys are all awful as if I needed more evidence to that end.

Logan, meanwhile, has some kind of health issue on the long walk back to Aaronson’s house after multiple times turning down the offer to get a ride.

Yeah, the Roys are…kinda bad at this.  The only thing they seem to be good for right now really is screwing each other over.

But by this point, I knew that already.