April 21, 2024

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Gotham “Light The Wick”

Season Three, Episode Eighteen.

Why do the criminals of Gotham keep looking for the Court?  It’s never a good idea.

Then again, it isn’t a good idea for the cops either.

I mean, Gordon has been a member of the Court for something like five minutes, and he’s already on the outs with these bozos by the end of the episode.  All he has to do is find out what the mystery weapon is and then do something about it before it goes off.  Whatever it is.  Presumably smarter men than he has tried that, and by that, I mean Nygma.  How much smarter the Riddler actually is may be up for debate, but he tried.

Now the Penguin wants to know, not so much because he wants to meet the Court.  He wants Nygma dead and figured (correctly) that they had him.  He also figured (correctly) that Gordon knows something because of course the mid-level police detective now living in a basement apartment is a member of a group that includes the richest and most powerful people in Gotham.  Now that Kathryne woman says they have a weapon that will show the people of Gotham what’s really inside them.

Sounds ominous.

Oh, it looks ominous when Talon kidnaps Barnes during a transfer from Arkham, the only witness being Tetch, a man whose top hat matches his Arkham inmate uniform.

That hat thing is kinda silly, but it fits this show.

Now, that would suggest that the Court is doing something with the virus, and to that end, they even smuggled Hugo Strange back into the city to do something with it, namely making the disease more of an airborne thing and not just something spread through blood contact.  The Court’s weapon is just a special dispersal unit.  And yes, they are going to test it and Gordon.  Can he watch from a safe window while a ballroom full of socialites are infected to tear each other apart?  Talon is watching…

No, Gordon can’t.  He also can’t beat Talon in a straight fight.  But he did manage to signal Oswold, and it turns out Firefly’s flamethrower is something that can defeat Talon rather easily.

Then again, this is a show where Ivy can cure Selina by putting plants around her hospital room.  Selina was just in a coma.  But now she has to tell Alfred that Bruce is really learning to channel rage into power or some such out in the Mystery Mountains under the Shaman’s directions.

But, to recap, both Oswold and Gordon went looking for the Court.  They had different reasons.  Both have problems now that Penguin has been captured and locked up in a cell next to Nygma, and Kathryn just decided to let Barnes rip Jim apart.  Now, if Lee would only stop thinking Jim is some kind of serial killer, then…this wouldn’t be Gotham.  This show can be a little over-the-top.