April 21, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Dada Patrol”

Season Three, Episode Five

Well, it looks like the Doom Patrol, if they are indeed those guys, are back and alive and well and screwing up all over again.

It’s the way these things are.

See, Laura remembers…a little bit of the things she needs to know.  The memo the Chief left behind is a bit of proof of that.  She read through it, found some clues to the Sisterhood of Dada still being around, and she figured she needs to kill them.  They were being held at the Ant Farm by the Bureau of Normalcy.  They sound dangerous.

Will the team do that for her?

Um, no.

They’re heroes.  They don’t kill.  Well, Cliff will for Nazis or something, but he may be a little high.  See, he got the drugs he needs to treat his Parkinson’s, but he didn’t like the idea of results in two to three months with a normal dosage, so he took, like, half the bottle.

Don’t ask me how he got a prescription.

Regardless, the Sisterhood seems to be recruiting, so will the team (if they even are a team) at least go look around for Laura even if they won’t kill them?  Laura can’t kill them since she believes she can only transform into a bird, conveniently forgetting she also turned into a cat and an ottoman.  Sure, those aren’t much better for fighting terrorist metahumans, but she’s not just a bird!

Anyway, while Rita stays behind with Laura to get day drunk and maybe learn a bit about this mysterious woman who doesn’t really remember anything, Larry drives the others to the spot where the Sisterhood are recruiting.  Larry is basically powerless, so he stays with the bus.  He also has a weird tumor that keeps moving around under his bandages.  The others head in, get lost, and weird stuff happens.

Jane meets the Fog, a woman who can apparently slip inside the Underground and bring Kay out while in a candy shop.  That lasts until the other personas show up to “help”.

Cliff, high as a kite, sees self-pedaling bikes and eventually a Japanese woman in a glass cage who allows Cliff to temporarily speak Japanese.

Vic finds Lloyd, a sculptor with bike parts strapped to his back.

None of these folks seem to believe Jane, Cliff, or Vic actually wants to join in on the Eternal Flagellation.

And that’s not even counting how Larry gets distracted when he finds his own adult son wandering around in the fog in a daze.

So, who is really going to screw this up?  Oh, that’s easy.  Cliff will.  He’ll mention Laura by name, the Fog will recognize the name, and the Sisterhood will attack the Doom Patrol.  Because of course it would be Cliff.  He has zero impulse control, and he’s high.

As it is, the gang wake up on the bus, only Larry’s son is there and Jane has a candy in her pocket.

The group returns to Doom Manor and basically says they won’t be doing anything like that again.

Might be a moot point.  Rita just swiped that time machine to go somewhere…