September 25, 2022

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Succession “The Disruption”

Season Three, Episode Three

Well, Kendall is falling apart again.

Must be a day ending in “y”.

I actually had an interesting conversation with some co-workers recently.  Both were fans of the show before I was, and I shared my “Kendall is the most sympathetic” theory.  One of them, an older man, said he didn’t find any of the Roys the slightest bit sympathetic.  Likewise, the other, a woman my age, is especially critical of Shiv but can feel bad for Kendall from time to time.  I can see both points.  I know I say Kendall is “sympathetic,” but it’s a really low bar to leap.  He’s still an awful person, and the way he this season seems to be leaning in on the buzzwords he likes to use is just more proof of how empty he is.  He’s riding around in limousines with crowds of…friends?  Supporters?  Does he have any?  I mean, Cousin Greg is there, but Cousin Greg never seems to know what he’s doing anyway.

Cousin Greg is also still going to work and trying to not anger Tom too much even as Tom puts him in a new office in disused mail room.

Regardless, Kendall seems to embody “empty suit” here.  He likes the attention he’s getting, and he’s laughing along at the more critical aspects of it.  I half wonder if he could at least get Shiv and Roman to back off if he just said he only did what he did when he learned he was going to be the sacrificial lamb for the cruises scandal even after everything he did for his father.  Moot point.  He and Shiv lock horns here as Kendall keeps putting on a poor show of pretending he’s fine with everything.  Is he trying to convince himself or is he trying to convince the world?

Could go either way.

But hey, it’s time for the shareholders meeting.  Tom suggested he could be the sacrifice to Shiv while drunk, and he makes the same offer to Logan while sober.  He’s told by Logan that won’t be necessary.  That’s mostly because Logan doesn’t think the current administration would dare do anything to him.

Then again, he can’t even keep Kendall out of the building without making it a PR disaster, and he’s ignoring advice to play along with the FBI when they eventually come by.  Logan doesn’t think the FBI is coming.

Granted, Shiv might have let bygones by bygones if Kendall didn’t interrupt her speech at the meeting with a certain song by Nirvana about sexual assault…

Now, here’s the thing about family, the thing that everyone knows deep down:  no one can hurt you quite like family can.  Shiv has a lot of dirt on Kendall that could hurt his attempts to get anything done either personally or professionally.  It wouldn’t take much to knock Kendall down.  I’ve seen it before.  His father did this to him once.  And now, Shiv will do it herself by writing an open letter where she talks about Kendall as a distant father, a drug addict, and a host of other personal failings just as he’s about to go on a comedy show that has been mocking him heavily.  And yes, it does knock him down into a little ball of misery, which is more or less his default state.

It was somewhat notable, though, that both Connor and Roman refused to sign the letter.  Connor makes sense.  He tries to stay hand’s off at all times.  But Roman?  He was sniping at Kendall during their brief encounter earlier in the episode, and he was saying over and over what horrible things he thought of his big brother.  But somehow, Roman of all people thought that letter went too far.  And even though this was all Logan’s idea, it was Shiv who pulled the trigger, and Logan wasn’t even all that upset that Roman didn’t sign the letter.  Mostly because it’s Roman’s turn to be built up as the next boss of Waystar, and he will surely fail the way Kendall and Shiv did too, and he will surely not realize it’s not gonna happen until it is far too late.

Then again, I don’t think Shiv and Kendall have realized that yet themselves.

Oh, and the FBI did come by to raid Waystar after all.

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