May 27, 2024

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Blake’s 7 “Powerplay”

Avon needs to get the ship back while VIla and Cally both work to stay alive.

The Liberator has a full crew again, depending on whether or not Orac counts as one of the seven.  The show has never quite said one way or the other.  If Orac doesn’t count, it basically means the crew never found a replacement for Gan.

Read that any way you choose.

As it is, this episode finishes the fallout of the battle that happened between seasons.  Avon, now with Dayna, has teleported up to the Liberator, but there are Federation troops up there.  The officer in charge apparently came along later than the rest of the group, and that group’s leader is a bit hostile.  However, Avon is quick to give an alias, claiming Dayna is his wife.  Zen is on lockdown.  No one was there when the Federation troops came through.  Avon claimed he and his “wife” were sleeping in another chamber and only just woke up.  The Federation troops want to see if Avob’s voiceprint will unlock Zen.  Dayna’s can’t, obviously.  But Avon could…until the Captain, a man named Del Tarrant, punches Avon out and claims Avon was going for a weapon he didn’t have.


Avon actually takes full advantage of this moment, breaking out of the holding cell with Dayna, finding a murdered guard, and from there, they run around and cause some trouble, getting to Zen briefly enough to find out Blake and Jenna both managed to get off the ship.  Blake is gone, Jenna said she isn’t a priority, and that means either Cally or Vila is calling in and claiming they’re in a lot of trouble.

It’s obviously Vila.  He’s stuck on a planet alone with a broken arm.  Cally was picked up by a neutral planet’s hospital ship.  The same ship also picks up Servalan because we can’t get rid of that woman just yet.

Now over on the Liberator, it’s clear that someone is murdering the Federation troops, and it isn’t Avon or Cally.  The camera’s been following them.  I’d see it if they did it.  So, it must be one of the Federation types.

It turns out to be Tarrant.  He’s actually a resistance fighter who got a Federation uniform before he got on the Liberator by sheer dumb luck.  He’s also a Blake fanboy and knew Avon was lying from the start, figuring him for Avon because it was either Avon or Blake.  Vila isn’t that smart.

Case in point, Vila is found by some primitive types who warn him the other people on the planet, the Hitechs, are bad news.  They don’t kill people.  That would be merciful compared to what they really do.  But Vila gets caught by them anyway, and they turn out to be two young women, and they’re very nice people.  Vila is impressed, even as they keep saying he will be of great service to the community.

That phrasing is very suspicious.

It turns out the Hitechs, or High Techs with High Technology, are the same people who rescued Cally.  And sure, Servalan can negotiate her own freedom, but you just know the other shoe is going to drop.  That’s because the High Techs are organ harvesters.

Yeah, that checks.

Fortunately, Avon’s new recruits are a new thing for this show:  people who know how to fight, so with Dayna and Tarrant, taking back the Liberator isn’t all that hard, and they manage to teleport Cally and Vila to safety just before they go under the knife.

So, we have a new crew made up of two new people with three old ones, plus the ship and the computer.  Just don’t ask me if Orac counts as one of the seven or not.  I don’t even recall him doing anything in this episode.