July 21, 2024

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The Great “Alone At Last”

Season Two, Episode Three.

Apparently, truffles bring out the best and worst in people.

See, it’s truffle-hunting season, or it will be soon.  Peter got his favorite truffle-hound, and it sounds like he’s going to be allowed out to go find some truffles.  This may be the most civilized tradition that Russia has ever had on this show.  So, how exactly does it all go wrong because everything goes wrong for these people?

Well, see, Peter did leave a corpse in the courtyard, and two days later, Catherine finds out about it.  Sure, Peter admits he did it, and he even gives his reason that the man had called him a dickhead, and that was unacceptable.  And, it turns out, that isn’t even illegal.  Not for Peter and not in Russia.  Catherine, trying to modernize a country that doesn’t want to modernize, opts to have him locked up alone in his room.  Even the dog has to go.

Aunt Elizabeth doesn’t think that’s a good idea because Peter’s mother used to do that all the time.  It just made Peter weird.

Now, I’ve gotta say, the season so far has found a lot of good material just focusing on Peter’s attempts to improve himself in a one-step-forward-one-to-the-side-and-then-two-steps-back-and-that’s-what-it’s-all-about sort of way.  Sure, Catherine is also compelling, doing her best to actually run a country instead of plotting to take one over, but Peter’s story is better when it comes to pure comedy.  Catherine in this episode is mostly finally starting to show grief over the loss of Leo, but she hasn’t quite realized it yet, even taking drugs to keep herself awake in order to make more decisions, even as she keeps both Orlo and Velementov from gettin’ some.

Oh, and she did give Peter some company in the end in the form of the mummified corpse of Peter’s mother.  Peter…ends up smacking that corpse around.

These are two profoundly messed up people.  Catherine is messed up as she’s trying desperately to ignore her own health and how tired her advisors are to avoid a dream–later revealed to be about Leo and not the otter eating her hair like Peter guessed–but Peter, well, he’s trying.

He’s not doing well, but he’s trying.  Kinda like the Space Jam sequel.  That sucked too, but it tried.

In fact, just when Catherine relents to let Peter go truffle hunting, something Peter enjoyed doing with his father Peter the Great and even getting that admittedly cute dog back, he tries to apologize for killing Leo, and he’s not good at that.  He’s confined alone again.

So, he breaks out while Catherine decides to take the dog out to truffle hunt herself just so she can get to it before Peter and destroy the mushroom before he can get one.  Peter, putting on a thin robe over his underwear and a large hat, runs out himself and finds Velementov, and after mocking the guy for his fornication style (dude finally got some from the looks of things), he and the General eventually sit down and have a chat over, well, why Velementov turned on Peter.  Velementov was the man who actually took Peter truffle hunting as Peter the Great couldn’t be bothered.  And in return. Peter mocked and abused his general at every turn.  The bottom line was Velementov was convinced Peter was just a terrible leader, uninterested in anyone but himself.

Oh, and he doesn’t think people can change.  Peter was really interested in that idea and looks profoundly disappointed to hear the general’s opinion.

So, while Catherine finally has a good cry with Marial and Aunt Elizabeth, Peter got to experience a conversation that he probably needed.  Catherine’s not going to really be someone who can get through to her husband.  But Velementov?  Well, he perhaps can.

I’ll have to see how that works out.