July 18, 2024

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Blake’s 7 “Killer”

Blake tries to warn a station of great evil while Avon and Vila steal a valuable crystal.

Britbox’s description of this episode said Avon would be needing to talk to a former friend in this episode, and I was a bit taken aback:  Avon has friends?!?

Then I saw the friend was played by the same actor who was that evil Nazi dude in black from Raiders of the Lost Ark, and now that makes a heck of a lot of sense.

See, there’s this Federation base, a Q-base that does a lot of communication type stuff, and Blake needs a special crystal to decrypt messages.  Avon knows someone down there that owes him a favor.  Said person was his partner for the very crime Avon was arrested for, and since Avon kept his mouth shut, the man does owe Avon a favor.  Vila does along because there might be a lock that needs picking, and besides, those two get along like oil and water, so it only makes sense to force them to go on missions together.

But then something weird happens.  An old spacecraft goes by, one where Cally sense something malignant but maybe human or maybe not inside.  It’s also headed for Q-base, and Blake is a decent enough human being to ignore Jenna’s advice and try to warn the base.  Warnings ignored, he teleports down to talk to the man in charge anyway.  And even after telling the fellow his real name, he and Blake get along just fine.

So, the whole Vila-Avon plotline is satisfying in all that it does, but in the grand scheme of things, that would seem to fit the more one-and-done style of episodic television.  Avon’s friend tries to keep the two men on the station long enough for Servalan to get there and capture or kill the crew of the Liberator.  There’s a fight, Avon is forced to kill his friend, and Vila was the one to discover the treachery because the doofus guy wrote everything down on a piece of paper that Vila could easily find a copy of.  It’s fine, but nothing revolutionary for this series.

That would be the Blake storyline.  The ship turns out to have a man onboard who looks like the title character from an old mummy movie without the bandages.  He seems to be dead, but when he wakes up during the autopsy and easily murders the attending physician, that’s just the start of problems on the base.  The two men who go to look after the dead man contract a virus.  That spreads, soon infecting almost everyone in the base, causing them to die from what looks like large jelly stains on their skin.  Blake offers to use Orac to study the virus, and he teleports back, followed shortly thereafter by Vila and Avon.  The analysis largely works, but the station commander dies before he can read the full sequence off to the Liberator.  About all Blake can do is leave a quarantine beacon behind before leaving, something Avon and Jenna question since the virus only attacks certain sorts of cells that humans only develop through deep space travel.

So, something is trying to keep humans confined to Earth.

And that…is an unanswered mystery right now.

So, things may be going somewhere unexpected.