March 2, 2024

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Succession “Secession”

Season Three, Episode One

I know I have said more than once that, of the various Roy children, Kendall is the most sympathetic.

I also feel a need to remind my hypothetical readers that that isn’t a high bar to leap, and then episodes like this one come along to prove Kendall is also pretty awful.

Here’s the thing:  all of the Roy children at some points comes across as people who actually, you know, care about other people.  Kendall arguably did the right thing by pointing out that, yes, his father is the source of all that is unholy and wrong about Waystar.  He runs a tight ship.  How could he not be that?  And we have seen signs that the younger Roys can care for each other in small moments, whether its Roman going to find Kendall when his older brother falls off the wagon or Shiv looking genuinely hurt to realize how badly she’s hurt Tom through her actions.  These are people who, when it’s pointed out to their face that they’ve been bad, have the chagrin to realize it or at least try to do something moderately decent.  These moments are few and far between, however.

Besides, Kendall’s ultimate reason for trying to throw his dad under the bus was probably to save his own skin since he was the designated scapegoat, and after all that he did to defend his father and the company, he was told he wasn’t enough of a “killer” to run the business to boot.

So, yeah, Kendall saw an opening and took it.  And for all Logan looked like he might have been approving the whole thing at the end of season two, he sure as hell isn’t going easy on his son now, flying off to Sarajevo to hide (no extradition treaty), taking a few executives and leaving others behind to run things.  Since this wasn’t exactly planned by, oh, anyone, it’s the usual mess for this show, made even more surreal when Connor asked what he could do to help and Logan gave him some vague directions because Connor is more or less useless in this sort of scenario anyway.  Is it sweet that Connor thinks he’s helping?

Logan’s biggest issue is to pick a figurehead to run things until the whole thing eventually blows over.  He’s looking at Gerri, Shiv, and Roman, and Roman knocks himself out with a phone call asking for consideration before fumbling through a recommendation for Gerri.  Shiv was tasked with getting a big name lawyer friend of hers onboard.  Said lawyer, Lisa Arthur, is usually the one representing the victims in these sorts of cases, so why anyone thought she would work for Logan in this is a bit of a stretch.  Turns out Kendall already secured her services anyway, but that was the one right thing Kendall did this whole episode.

No, much of this episode is arguably a reminder about why Kendall is terrible.  He tosses one potential ally out of his car when she points out that, technically, Kendall probably can’t use company vehicles anymore.  The car was more or less stuck in traffic, but she now has to walk through the press.  He hires a great-sounding PR firm that he keeps saying he will listen to before interrupting them with his own ideas every time.  He tries to call for allies that he didn’t approach before.  Frank responds politely without committing to anything.  Gerri is on the phone with the White House trying to find out if the Justice Department will come after Logan.  Shiv just hangs up.  The only real ally here is Cousin Greg.

By the by, Greg’s in a panic because he’s been covering his mom’s credit card expenses, and she saw the press conference and started panic buying.  Apparently, knowing his grandpa cut his mother off did not deter Greg from, you know, not quitting Waystar as grandpa told Greg he would likewise be cut off if he didn’t.

OK, so, having Greg on-hand is more unfortunate than anything else, but what else could Kendall have done to…wait, he set up camp where?

His ex-wife Rava’s place?

And he freaks out when he finds men’s razors in there?

And then he asks his current girlfriend Naomi over?

Oh yeah, Kendall still sucks.