August 19, 2022

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Gotham “How The Riddler Got His Name”

Season Three, Episode Fifteen

Well, this episode barely features Jim Gordon at all, limiting him to one or two scenes with his shifty Uncle Frank, a man trying to recruit him to the Court of Owls.

This may be my favorite episode yet.

Is that mean?  It sounds mean.  It may not be all that accurate either.  This episode largely features a demonstration that two characters have grown a bit even as one may not have gotten too far.

The latter would be Bruce.  Sure, he’s a fool for love, in that someone literally fools him with a note from Selina asking for a meeting.  She has no desire to see him right now, and the note came from Five, the brainwashed clone who easily jabs a tranquilizer into Bruce’s neck.  This comes after Bruce rather easily beats up a street gang threatening him for the crime of…being there and having money, I suppose.  So, he can easily handle three or four nameless mooks, but if that nameless mook shares his face (seriously, that character’s only name is a number), then he’s toast.

But at least his new cell has a nice mountain view.  I like mountain views even though I am afraid of heights.  That’s further proof I would make a terrible Batman.

Oh, and Alfred didn’t notice Bruce wasn’t Bruce.  True, Five got a lot of training there, but…you know what?  I’ll let that slide.

And then there’s Eddie Nigma.  He’s taking pills for whatever psychosis he has (looks like a split personality because it’s the only one shows like this one recognize), only this time, he’s seeing a waterlogged Oswold.  Presumably dead, Oswold is taunting Eddie for being a stupid villain, a guy who isn’t hiding his evil in plain sight because he’s blatantly killing people.  Smart people who can’t solve his riddles because, you know, the physics professor and the like specialized in things other than solving riddles are dying, Gordon is on vacation, and that means it’s up to Lucius and Harvey to solve the case…once Harvey realizes there is a case.  Lucius had a hard time convincing him.

Eddie’s riddles are something else, but the reason for them is he wants an archnemesis, and the best choice for that is getting shipped off to a mountain cell and hasn’t graduated from high school yet.  He wants Gordon, but Gordon’s out.  Then he notices Lucius comes closest to solving the riddles at a rigged chess tournament.  So, why not set up Bullock and a bunch of recent police academy grads in a death trap to test Lucius’s riddle-solving skills?  What’s that?  Lucius is pretty good?

Oh, wait, all of Eddie’s riddles have multiple correct answers, but Eddie doesn’t count them unless you get his right answer.

He needs more work.  That or he’s not as smart as he says he is.

Regardless, Lucius does well enough to save Bullock and the rookie cops, and Eddie confronts him later, calling himself the Riddler before walking off in a snazzy green suit after dumping his meds, no longer seeing Oswold telling him he’s doing everything wrong.  For this show and its tone, that’s actually a rather impressive origin story.  Yeah, Eddie is on top now that he’s got a new name and there’s no Penguin!

Oh, wait, Ivy rescued Oswold and nursed him back to health.

Yeah, I think that surprised absolutely no one.

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