February 26, 2024

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Brand New Cherry Flavor “Bodies”

Final Episode

Well…that was weird.

Honestly, this last episode of this weird and often gross series ended on something of a whimper.  Lisa goes to confront Boro for the final time, and it turns out that–surprise, surprise!–Boro isn’t trustworthy, but Lisa is the daughter of the jaguar spirit, and Boro really just wanted to move into Lisa’s body the whole time.  Granted, Lisa is actually strong enough that she has to let Boro in, and, well, she ain’t gonna do that.  Yes, it turns out Boro is responsible for the weird stuff that happened in Lisa’s short film while she and Mary were high on peyote.  And yes, Boro isn’t exactly punished in the end.

I suppose it comes down to asking what Lisa really wanted.  Both Lou and Mary in this finale tell Lisa she’s rather destructive and people around her tend to get hurt while she skates through life.  That doesn’t seem to be Lisa’s fault, but it also doesn’t seem to be wrong either.  Lou grovels, and Lisa ends the curse by pulling that worm she tricked him into snorting out of his eye.  It appears to leave him blind, Jonathan is still dead, and Lisa maybe learned a level of forgiveness since Lou’s reason for screwing her over, in the end, were just really, really petty.  She gets her movie back, but then decides to just fly back to Brazil and forget the motion picture industry altogether even as Lou’s financial backer is promising Lisa everything she wanted from the beginning.

Then again, it doesn’t end well for others.  Roy tries to back Lisa up, and Boro’s zombies (now including poor Code and that murderous uncle guy) rip him apart and eat him.  Boro’s Jennifer body seems to be failing, but Mary doesn’t see the harm in giving Boro physical form and lets him into her.  Heck, Jennifer seems to still be alive even if she maybe remembers as much as her family did a couple episodes ago.  Boro/Mary ends the story wandering off with the zombies trailing behind her.

But after all of Lisa’s rage, she just walks out of Boro’s house following Roy’s death and…that’s it?  She gave up revenge that quickly?  Yes, Roy’s death was rather violent, and yes, it didn’t look like there was much Lisa could do unless her spiritual heritage gave her the power to punish Boro somehow, but it did feel a bit abrupt to me.

Now, I would by lying if I said Rosa Salazar and Catherine Keener, especially Catherine Keener, weren’t a joy to watch in this thing, but what started off as weird and kinda fun just ended with weird and a bit of “That’s it?”  Yes, Lisa is arguably a better person after all of this, but I was hoping for some kind of punishment for Boro, particularly since Boro was like Lou in a lot of ways as someone manipulating a newcomer to the big city to get what he wanted.  The big difference is Lou is kinda slimy and got his comeuppance while Boro is someone who got a lot of other people hurt or killed and walked away in the end.  Maybe there’s a metaphor there for how the really powerful are often able to get away with horrible things, but it didn’t work for me.  That’s too bad.  This was a rather fun mini-series until this final episode.

7.5 out of 10 kittens from places kittens should come from.

OK, so, that’s out of the way.  What now?  Oh, I know!  Since I am always on the cutting edge of hip trends or some such nonsense, I will finally get around to Squid Game.

I mean, Tuesdays does seem to be my mini-series day of the week these days.