January 24, 2022

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Blake’s 7 “Horizon”

The exhausted crew of the Liberator check out a planet that gets a visit from the Federation exactly once a year.

Well, if the previous episode was about the bad guys, this one may be more about how Blake may not need to save the day every episode.

See, the entire crew of the Liberator is stressed out by being constantly on edge and on the run.  Cally says they need rest because I guess she’s a medic now.  Someone had to be.  Regardless, the Liberator nearly hits a freighter headed out to the edge of Federation space.  All Zen and Orac can come up with is that once a year, the Federation sends a freighter out to this planet for unknown reasons.  There’s a magnetic shield around the place, and it almost takes the ship out.  But get through they do, and Blake opts to beam down with Jenna to take a look around because he trusts her the most to watch his back and he suspects Avon won’t make a run for it if Blake has the pilot with him.

It turns out to be some kind of jungle planet where there are cameras hidden in the plants.  Blake and Jenna are captured and taken to Ro.  Ro is the ruler of the planet, a native trained by the Federation to use his own people to mine radioactive ore for the Federation.  His Federation trainer thinks Ro is entirely under his control.  But Ro, well, he has his doubts.  Blake is a resister.  So is Jenna.  Ro didn’t know those existed, but it doesn’t matter as both Blake and Jenna are stripped of their comm devices needed for teleportation and sent to work in the mines.

It’s almost a comedy of errors after that.  Gan thinks something is up and goes down to look with Vila.  They both get captured too.  Vila is sent to the mines.  Gan, despite his strength, is, um, not.  Methinks these people don’t understand what they had there.

But then Cally decides to go down.  Is she captured?  Of course.  We don’t even see it.  But she’s a telepath, so she gives Ro some facts about what happened to his father.  Turns out that trainer had the old ruler killed, and Ro didn’t know that.

By this time, Avon is checking with Orac to see if he could make it on his own without getting caught for the rest of his life.  Answer:  yes.  But he also thinks to ask Orac how the others got caught, so when he beams down, he can take out the cameras and rescue the others because…well, he may get lonely I suppose.

So, will Blake overthrow the evil Federation for the sake of Ro and his people?  He tries to.  But Ro was inspired to do it on his own.  And that magnetic shield took out the Federation ships headed to get revenge, so it looks like the Liberator is free to let the crew relax and de-stress.  But really, all Blake did was let Ro know resistance existed.  Avon did more action stuff and Cally gave out vital information, but in the end, Ro rescued his people himself with only the smallest of assists where all Blake had to do was keep his ship parked on the other side of the shield to keep the Federation off both his back and the planet Horizon’s.  Not a bad deal, and the sort of drama I expect at this point from Blake’s 7.

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