January 24, 2022

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Doom Patrol “Vacay Patrol”

Season Three, Episode Two

Now, I suppose most people might wonder how someone is supposed to take a vacation when they never really work, but I don’t think we should ever question how logic works on this show.  Besides, Vic does that himself and gets rebuffed.

Yeah, after all the success of the first episode of the season…this is Doom Patrol, so there needs to be some setbacks.  Cliff is a little too attentive, but he also seems to be shaking a bit like an elderly relative used to when the woman had Parkinson’s.  To make matters a bit worse, his robot parts keep freezing up, and the one man who knew how to fix them is pretty darn dead.  Jane doesn’t mind knocking him over to get him moving again, but the point stands.

Vic, meanwhile, had his WiFi shut off by STAR Labs for helping his girlfriend escape the feds, and he’s stuck on a flip phone that won’t even get bars everywhere.

Jane might be doing OK, but probably isn’t since some of her personas are in mourning even if others aren’t.

Rita is a mess, and when that happens, she’s a literal mess too as she blobs out in a basket.  Rita wants a little relaxation on vacation, and the others more or less agree.  You know, except for Larry.  Larry’s still off in space.  He gets back after the others have left, and even though the Negative Spirit left his body, he’s still radioactive and hard to look at.

This was a sad episode for Larry.

It was also a sad episode for Gargaux the Decimator.  He was a green-skinned alien overlord who was assigned by the Brotherhood of Evil to take out Rita.  That was decades ago, and the Brotherhood doesn’t look any more competent than the Doom Patrol.  Gargaux and his red-skinned underling Sammuelson set up shop in a mountain resort and then…waited.  For a very long time.  Sure, the place was hopping when they arrived, but Gargaux actually turned out to be the life of the party.  And Caulder did defeat the rest of the Brotherhood, but that’s less of a problem for Gargaux who just opts to wait.  And wait.  And wait.

Then the Doom Patrol showed up at the now more or less deserted resort for their own vacation.  Rita spends most of the first day inside a bag because, well, she’s a blob now.  Vic wants bars.  Jane wants peace of mind.  Cliff wants to prove he can climb a high tower without freezing up.  None of them really get that, but Cliff and Gargaux do manage to bond over a mutual hatred of Caulder.  Vic sure is suspicious of anyone named “the Decimator,” but even he calms down after a bit.  Not like he can do anything at the moment anyway.

So, why is this a sad episode for Gargaux?  Well, he dies.  He dies after he realizes there’s no point to completing his mission.  Caulder is dead, and Rita is just a sad woman.  He can’t possibly hurt her.  Even when a signal comes through with orders to attack, he opts not to.

Sammuelson, on the other hand, will kill his master with a funky ray gun and the Doom Patrol, with the Decimator telling them all to run before he dies.  Rita alone does that as the others freeze up.  To be fair, Cliff froze rather literally.  And then Rita is stopped from escaping by…herself?  Really?

Point is, Sammuelson killed the Doom Patrol.

I guess this is now just Larry’s show.

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