February 26, 2024

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Brand New Cherry Flavor “Egg”

Episode Seven

Well, I wasn’t sure if I saw the gross sex scene or not since Netflix’s plot description said this one had some blood/sex magic involved, but the sex in this episode is rather vanilla and the parties kept most of their clothes on.

So, yeah, I saw the gross one already.

Lisa, confused, licks a toad.  Boro said something about how that could show her where her enemies are, but she left out a lot of details and mostly the toad-licking will kill LIsa if she doesn’t do the blood and sex ritual.  The sex ritual is easy:  find a guy and have sex where both parties climax.  Roy is up for it, and he doesn’t even notice Boro come in and sponge off Lisa in the middle of it.  He does notice when she comes back in when the pair are finished, but the real problem is Lisa has to commit some light cannibalism for the blood magic part.

Now, Lisa need to get something from the corpse of a man who died in the prime of his life, and since Lisa just killed a guy, she does have the perfect corpse.  Too bad that guy’s equally murderous uncle got the corpse back while looking for revenge.  So, really…Boro will use Code’s body.

Worth noting:  Lisa thinks Lou killed Code.  She doesn’t know about Mary yet.

Maybe if Boro had told her or something…

Regardless, Lisa needs to purge the poison in her apartment, and that means eating an omelet that had a little bit of Code in it.  She balks, and not just because that killer uncle found her place and that creepy spirit thing is bothering her and the thing under the trapdoor is banging loudly to get out.  No, it’s because, you know, cannibalism.

Fortunately, Lisa doesn’t need to eat any Code.  That killer uncle guy showed up at the right time.  Considering Lou is probably going to give Lisa her movie back and his efforts to be nice to Jonathan aren’t working since he’s, you know, rotting away, there may be other things that…oh, the spirit doesn’t care about Lisa.  Or, it does, but it isn’t hostile.

No, it attacks Boro.


With a crazy gunman on hand, Lisa decides to try the trapdoor.  No, the crazy gunman does not follow and get killed by the Faceless Woman, who is turns out is the jaguar spirit (totally called it), and she says that she’s also the weird spirit following Lisa.  This spirit says Boro is trecherous.

Really?  I mean, maybe Lisa doesn’t see it that way, but I sure did.  Boro is playing both sides against each other for her own, as-yet unstated reasons.  That doesn’t automatically make the other spirit benevolent, but c’mon.  Boro is obviously evil in a daffy old lady sort of way.

Regardless, the spirit does give Lisa a key, and Roy drives by drunk after winning a Golden Globe.  He then gives a speech about being alive and how great it is, the sort of speech where it would be really ironic if he died then and there.  Granted, that killer uncle must not be a good shot because the only thing he seems to hit is the Golden Globe while Lisa and Roy get the limo to drive them away from any and all crazed gunmen.

You know, I didn’t think anyone on this show was capable of panic when crazy happens, so I guess I was wrong there.  Will this whole thing wrap up in a neat package next episode?  It better.  It’s the last one.