January 24, 2022

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YouTube Selection: The Antihero’s Wife

Prestige television saw the rise of antihero protagonists. The Take decided to look at their wives.

With the rise of prestige television, some of the biggest and most popular shows dealt with flawed, criminal protagonists that captivated audiences:  the antihero.

But what about their wives?  Most if not all of these characters are married men.  What do these shows say about the women in their lives?  YouTube channel The Take has some anlysis.

Yes, while characters like Tony Soprano, Walter White, and Don Draper often commanded the audience’s attention, their wives were often off the side, possibly complicit in their husbands’ deeds, and in many cases, subject to the audience’s disapproval.  So, what do characters like Carmela Soprano, Skyler White, and Betty Draper have to say about the world they live in?  See below for some smart analysis on the evolving character of the antihero wife, even as they continue evolve into antiheroes themselves.

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