February 25, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Possibilities Patrol”

Season Three, Episode One.

All right!  Doom Patrol is back for more…whatever it is.  Superhero comedy?  A group of people with real hang-ups learning to function at all?  A chance to let Brendan Fraser drop as many F-bombs as he can fit into a single hour or so’s of television?

I don’t know.  I just know I love the weirdness that is this thing, and it’s already been renewed for a fourth season.  In the meantime, I can start season three just as I am finishing up the more narratively inconsistent Titans‘s third season and probably be much happier for it as a result.

Since this is Doom Patrol, all we really need to know is it will get weird.  But since the previous season ended kinda early thanks to the pandemic, what we have here is an episode that more or less ties up the loose ends that were probably going to be tied up at the end of season two, but the show never got around to it.  That actually means most of our motley crew of misfits and oddballs seems to end the episode in something like a happy place.  Dorothy takes on the Candlemaker, but she defeats him by offering him friendship instead of combat.  The others break out of their wax encasings all more or less fine except for Niles, who finally dies of old age.

And yet, Timothy Dalton isn’t done with this series just yet.

What happens next is the series wraps up its season two storylines.  Vic calls the FBI on his dangerous girlfriend.  Cliff finally gets back to his daughter, just in time to meet his first grandchild.  Larry learns to let the Negative Spirit go and even flies off into space.  Dorothy meets the new Danny, now an ambulance, and goes off for more adventures with him.  Jane, deep in the Underground, works with Kay and the other personalities to defeat Miranda, revealed to be the dark emotions behind all of the different personas all wrapped up together.

It’s Doom Patrol.  Miranda is defeated when Jane takes control of the body over again, and Miranda shatters into thousands of apparently edible jigsaw puzzle pieces, each one tasting like exactly what you want it to taste like when you eat it.  Jane even goes in for a group hug in the real world with the others before pushing out because, really, she isn’t that sort of person, and that tells Cliff at least this is really Jane after all.

The only one who seems to be having a hard time of things is Rita.  Niles left her with the responsibility to keep certain things running.  The play she joined in town goes badly for her since it’s about the “blob lady attack” when the rest of the cast realize Rita is the blob lady.  And she doesn’t quite know what to do when an alarm of some kind goes off.

That alarm is probably due to the mystery woman who pops up in a digger machine looking for Niles over in town.  Hey, it’s Michele Gomez!  And her face keeps contorting in a way that needs a computer to pull off for the home audience!  What does she want?  I sure don’t know.  I’ll find out later.

Oh, and Niles isn’t getting his rest either.  His ghost is still hanging around the Manor, and just as he decides to give in and enjoy afterlife nookie, Willoughby Kipling shows up to whisk the spirit and the body away to the Yukon for a special burial because Niles’s story isn’t over just yet.

Wait, you mean I got an episode that showed the freaks of this series more or less happy, even giving Fraser an on-screen appearance, and featured appearances by Timothy Dalton, Mark Sheppard, and Michele Gomez?  See, this is why I love Doom Patrol.