February 27, 2024

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Succession “DC”

Season Two, Episode Nine

Huh.  The Roys can sometimes be competent.

They’re still awful, but they sometimes get things done.

The cruises scandal won’t go away, and that means a Congressional hearing.  After a lot of initial panic, the family buckles down to do what it needs to in order to get through this scandal, save the company (by which, of course, I mean make sure they still own it), and deal with very credible accusations.  They can easily blame a dead man who they all more or less knew couldn’t keep his hands to himself (as seen when Connor went to give a eulogy at the man’s funeral), and they can likewise maybe toss a retired executive under the rails even after the man stops by the hearings to seemingly wish them well.

A show like this, it is really hard to tell how much seemingly harmless people are actually harmless.

But after Tom crashes and burns while being grilled by Senator Eavis, it’s time for the big guns.  Logan will absolutely not dignify any question with an answer if he’s asked directly if he was aware women were being raped and occasionally disappearing without a trace, but he did have the foresight to set his kids up to fix things.

Yes, Roman, Kendall, and Shiv all manage to more or less save the day here.  Roman is in Turkey trying to cut a deal with his pal the banker’s son, and he manages to more or less keep his cool even after “security” shows up to secure the hotel with all foreign nationals inside in a way that says someone might be getting killed soon.  Roman’s general “don’t give a crap” attitude actually comes in handy for once.

Kendall, potentially thrown under the bus by his own father at the hearings, rises to the challenge and fires back at Eavis, pointing out that all news in the United States is for profit, that Eavis is biased against Waystar and the Roys, and furthermore, that the hearings aren’t fair and a whole lot of other stuff that could easily come out of the mouth of a rightwing pundit, followed up by some softball comments by a more politically conservative senator.  Connor, visible on camera behind his half brother, does a fistpump, the Waystar faction watching in another room applaud, and I honestly didn’t think Kendall had it in him to be that good at something.

And then there’s Shiv.  She learns there’s another witness.  Can she and Rhea talk a woman claiming rape out of testifying?  Rhea won’t.  She even quits Waystar at the end of the episode.  But Shiv?  She will.  And I have to say it shows why Shiv is, in my mind, the most competent Roy.  She uses, well, what I would describe as brutal honesty.  Do I believe Shiv will really see about cleaning up the company?  Probably not.  But she does lay out for this woman that she can get a cash settlement, and, most notably, that this woman should not trust a single, solitary member of the Roy family including herself.  But, Shiv says, so are everyone else involved in the process.  In the world of Succession, Shiv isn’t even wrong.  Does this woman want to have this incident be the only thing people remember about her for the rest of her life?  Will anything change at Waystar?  Probably not.  Not when Logan insists that no “real” people were involved.

So, ethically questionable activities abound, nothing changes, but the Roys live to fight another day because while they are terrible when it comes to screwing over other people, they are outstandingly exceptional when it comes to screwing over strangers and outsiders.