August 16, 2022

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Gotham “Smile Like You Mean It”

Season Three, Episode Thirteen

You know, I never would have thought I wanted Jerome back, but here’s that rotten little jerk again.

As always, there’s a lot going on.  Lee still hates Gordon.  Selina probably hates Bruce now for giving her mother money as part of a scam, especially when he didn’t tell her to spare her feelings, but she gets really mad at him every other episode already.  Penguin’s life is falling apart both politically and in the underworld.  The usual crazy stuff.

But then there’s Jerome, the dead kid who may or may not be the Joker.  Polka-Dot Man (my preferred name) wants to bring him back from the dead to lead an army of clown make-up wearing psychos.  Why do they wear clown make-up?  Well, Jerome was part of a circus once.  That’s probably the best explanation I can think of.  He was mostly a laughing homicidal madman.  I never quite got why so many people wanted to be like him, but here we are, and Polka-Dot Man may be able to revive him because…well, it’s something to do on a dull Friday night, I suppose.

But then, tragedy strikes!  Jerome…stays dead.  What’s a budding leader of psychos to do?  Well, obviously, cut off Jerome’s face, wear it as a very unconvincing mask, and take Jerome’s spot with a lot of recycled lines when the police raid the warehouse where the reviving of corpses takes place.  What else would a sensible person do?  Jerome, now a faceless corpse, goes back to the GCPD morgue.  Polka-Dot Man takes over a TV station and puts himself on the news to talk about all the upcoming murder, chaos, and chaotic murder.  As one does when one is wearing the face of a dead psychopath.

Only Jerome…well, he didn’t stay dead.  Apparently, the reviving works.  It just takes a little time, leading to the episode’s highlight:  Jerome wakes up and chats with Lee for a while about what he missed while he was dead and even offers some condolences of a sort when he hears she and Gordon didn’t work out.  Then he puts on a cop’s uniform and off he goes.

See, Polka-Dot Man may be destructive, but he’s not really as reliable a menace as Jerome is, and Gordon does manage to slap some cuffs on the dude in a raid that takes out most of those silly killer clowns.  But by then, Jerome has swiped Polka-Dot Man away to, at the least, get his face back.  That can be reattached with a stapler apparently, and I am sure will not cause any more problems like infection or face rot.  Polka-Dot Man then learns you should never meet your heroes when Jerome, mad about the whole face-removing-thing, straps Polka to some bombs and broadcasts a “I’m back” message to the city before blowing up the building he left Polka-Dot Man in…one of the city’s main powerplants.  There are a lot of people sitting in the dark right now.

See?  Jerome does bring some of the funk.

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