September 25, 2022

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Blake’s 7 “Project Avalon”

Travis sets a trap for Blake using a captured rebel leader.

After a few episodes spotlighting different members of the crew, it may be time to see something of a group effort.  Besides, Travis has a particularly devious plan this time.

See, Blake is looking to hook up with a rebel leader named Avalon on a planet that gets very cold for, like, years at a time.  Winter is coming and all that fun stuff, but there’s a series of underground tunnels that the Federation is using to house a mining facility for valuable minerals.  Travis is there with his latest plan to take out Blake and his human crew and then to capture the Liberator for the Federation.  Sure, he says he could have defeated Blake many times over if he didn’t need to capture the ship intact, but the point stands.  His plan starts off promisingly when a traitor in the rebel group leads Travis and his forces right to the mysterious woman Avalon.  She’s captured, her men (including the traitor) are all shot, and a homing beacon is left behind for Blake.

Blake, to his credit, is keeping his distance as he isn’t sure about all this.  Jenna alone has met Avalon before, so he opts to take her down to look around.  They find one wounded survivor, thankfully not the traitor, and he can guide Blake to the Centre where Travis took Avalon.  Servalan is on her way there as it is.  Travis has a new scheme, and it involves using Avalon as bait.  Sure, she’ll tell the Federation everything she knows after they’ve worked on her long enough, so Blake still needs to rescue her, but it’s obviously a trap of some kind.

Blake, using Vila’s lockpicking skills, does get inside and even finds Avalon.  There’s a shootout with Jenna, Blake, Vila, and the other rebel on one side, and a lot of expendable guards on the other.  Blake finds Avalon, and everyone beams away to the Liberator.

So, where’s the trap?

Well, things get a little suspicious when Blake and the others realize the Federation soldiers were armed with weapons that will, at worst, bruise someone.  Then the other rebel turns up dead.  Plus, Jenna realizes something is off about Avalon.  Probably because when Gan tries to hold her, she turns out to be much stronger than the ship’s resident strong man.  It takes three people to hold her down.  It seems she was a robot, programmed to drop a small sphere loaded up with a fast-acting virus that would have killed everyone on the Liberator while leaving the ship itself intact.  Blake has one request of Avon after that:  can he reprogram the robot?

Yes, but not to do much.  She doesn’t have to do much.  Blake goes back to the Centre, having reprogrammed the robot to drop that sphere if he doesn’t get the real Avalon back, and the robot will if it hears a certain word or sound or sees a certain movement.  So yes, Blake gets Avalon out safely, Travis just barely catches the sphere, and Servalan takes Travis off the case because he kinda sucks at catching Blake.

He does, doesn’t he?

Oh, I said everyone contributed.  What did Cally do?  She’s turning out to be a good pilot in her own right, someone who can take over, with Jenna’s blessing when Jenna is away.  So, that was a nice, quick moment of character growth.

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