December 8, 2022

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Brand New Cherry Flavor “Milk Bath”

Episode Six

OK…what the fudge?

I don’t like to swear here.

So, last we saw Lisa, Lou’s guy nearly killed her, but zombie Jonathan carried her back to Boro.  Lisa asked for that, but when she wakes up submerged in milk, she says otherwise.  The point is, Boro is for reasons unknown healing Lisa up.  However, I am starting to get an idea about what may be really going on in some places.

See, Lisa did make a movie where an actress, Mary, popped out her own eye and ate it.  Here we get a little more backstory:  the two were lovers striving for realism, and they were also tripping major balls on peyote at the time so neither of them really remembers what happened.  Now, Mary wants revenge and keeps following people back to Boro’s house while Lisa heals.  It is during that healing, one that made Lisa stronger than before apparently, that Boro explains her backstory, how centuries ago, she was a he in South America who found a white jaguar with a powerful spirit inside.  The two…had congress, and Original Recipe Boro went on to have a beautiful wife and a lot of power against his tribe’s enemies.  You know, the usual, but when Boro asked the Jaguar for something else, the Jaguar demanded Boro’s wife as payment.  Boro tried to cheat the Jaguar, but that’s never a good idea, and the Jaguar savaged him in awful ways I will not type here.  But just before he died, Boro transferred his spirit to a young woman nearby, and he’s been bodyhopping every since.

Oh, and the zombies are dead.  Really dead.  Like, if they don’t get their tadpole smoothies, they fall apart dead, but they’re still deep down the same people which must be why Jonathan calls Lou later.

Anyway, Lou wants Lisa dead.  So, he goes back to his hitmen and gives them more money to try again, prompting one fellow to pick up a machete and go back to Boro’s house with Mary in tow.

Nice touch:  Boro says the machete is a bit much if the dude isn’t going to be including a hockey mask.  But she also tells the guy Lisa will be home soon, so he should go wait there.

Anyway, Boro’s story concludes with the idea that that White Jaguar, a creature with a powerful spirit in it, was later killed by the Spanish and turned into a chaise lounge.

Wasn’t there a white chaise lounge in that jungle realm under Lisa’s bedroom where the faceless woman was?

Is the faceless woman the Jaguar spirit?

Or maybe that other weird spirit following Lisa around?

Is there a reason no one seems to bat an eye much to the weird stuff happening on this show?

Maybe that killer should have because when Lisa goes home, she ends up nearly ripping his head off before going for help to simply remove the body.  That would be Lisa’s ex Code, Code’s girlfriend Christine, and Roy.  They just happened to be standing around outside anyway.  Code wants to just get high, maybe call the cops.  The others ditch the body.  Roy then figures staying with Lisa is bad and breaks up with her.  She, for her part, seems unsurprised and at worst a little nonplussed.

Of course, Mary was hiding in a closet and heard all this, so she went out to talk to Code.  Code’s dead when Lisa returns, by the way.  Someone (Mary) jammed something into his eye, and now Mary is at Boro’s.

I’m just gonna pretend this is how Jason really got to the Good Place.

There is so much weird about this show, and the way characters either react or fail to react to weirdness is something that I don’t know what to make of.  Hopefully, I will have some sort of idea about that when I finish the next two episodes and then maybe go on to something even weirder.

Yes, I already do have something in mind.  Wait two more weeks and find out what.

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