July 13, 2024

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Titans “Prodigal”

Season Three, Episode Twelve

OK, I have a question:  what kind of show is this?

I ask because Titans seems to be a bit…odd.  It’s set up as a more serious superhero show, at least compared to, say, Doom Patrol, but then we get scenes like the one that opens this one where Gar and Rachel find Dick dead or dying or something.  They can save him if they get him to the Lazarus Pit that, um, is located somewhere under Gotham City.  So, how do Gar and Rachel get Dick there?  Well, a convenient flock of bats show up, Gar changes into one, and…the bats carry Dick to the Pit.

Um, what?

Look, much of this episode is kinda goofy.  Conner manages to somehow compress a fireball into fuel for Blackfire’s ship, but then destroys the ship rather than let Blackfire go home now that Kori has told Blackfire the truth about who really should rule Tamaran.  Donna spends a lot of time helping Tim’s family, and only Tim’s family, escape from Gotham.  Jason flees from a flabby, middle-aged man swinging a scythe after fighting Dick to a standstill.  The only thing that works here at all is Kori’s explaining how she knew where Blackfire would go.  Lots of goofy stuff, and that’s not even counting how Gar realized a glowing green substance was kryptonite just by looking at it.  Even Barbara gets a bit into the silly as she manages to roll to freedom from a prison cell where, I guess, not one of those corrupt cops thought to stash her wheelchair somewhere else.

But since Titans, despite the title, is somehow about Dick Grayson more than anything else, we see the inside of the Lazarus Pit as Dick has weird visions.  Crane is there to tell him what a failure he is who led to Jason’s death.  Dick even sees himself in the Joker’s purple suit, bashing Jason to death.  But Dick is our bland hero, so he fights back and sees other things.  Like his long dead father, who, like Dexter’s ghost dad ultimately did so many times, tells his son how proud he is.  He also adds that he loves his son, so Dick got off better than Dexter.  Then he sees a little girl who calls him “daddy,” and given the child’s skin tone, I think I know who her mama is despite the fact those two have little contact along those lines on this show so far.

Yes, Kori and Dick after some sex for no known purpose way back in season one haven’t seemed the slightest bit romantic, but here we are.

But now Dick can come back to life and punch his way out of the Pit…wearing a completely different set of clothes.  What happened to his Nightwing costume?  Why don’t Rachel and Gar notice he changed clothes in the Pit?

It doesn’t much matter.  Dick knows Donna is alive somehow and sends Rachel and Gar off to find her and reunite the Titans, then he goes off to find Jason.  Jason knows some things and he knows Crane is nuts.  Likewise, Dick knows some things about Crane’s past plans, so between the two of them, they find out Crane is going to, um, blow up the entire city with the help of some corrupt cops?

Does anyone ever pay attention to where they and their loved ones are standing when they plot to blow up a city?

Regardless, Titans seems to be trying to find that balancing act between solemn and silly.  I am not sure it is actually achieving that.