July 3, 2022

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Gotham “Ghosts”

Season Three, Episode Twelve

You know, as ridiculous as Gotham often is, I really can’t get mad when it looks like it is openly stealing plot points from Batman Returns.

I mean, that is what’s going on with the Penguin, right?  Ed Nygma has a plan to destroy his boss, and it involves more than just killing him.  First, it involves making him think his father’s ghost is wandering around, and that means the return of Paul Reubens.  Granted, the plot for now seems to suggest they can just get Penguin to say “To hell with the citizens of Gotham!” on a live TV interview with a journalist who is already not a fan and that’s just phase one.  That’s the sort of thing that can only happen when you get that Cobblepot guy really good and agitated.  Sure, it’s faintly ridiculous, but the only part that doesn’t feel like something that would work is that this will all somehow lead to Barbara being in charge of the city’s crime, something that I am guessing her allies are just humoring her with for now.  That or none of them want the job.

Instead, well, it sure looks like Elijah Van Dahl is wandering around again, leaving cryptic clues and hints to his son, and his son is the only one who seems to spot him.  Something about bewaring the birthday boy at a time when Elijah’s body disappears from its grave, prompting Oswald to lash out at Nygma’s #2 guy for asking questions at a time when it was the #2 guy’s birthday.  At that point, Penguin did it in the office with a golf trophy.   Does that count as a Clue reference?

Also, Elijah’s body was in there, and you just know Nygma set it up because, well, of course he did.  The fact he set up, oh, everything right down to telling the #2 guy what to say was a bit much, but it fits with the character.  Place one corpse, remove two, and get Basil “Clayface” Karlo to pose as Elijah and of course Penguin would have a breakdown on live television.

That’s the sort of stuff I watch Gotham for.  It’s batspit insane while still more or less following its own rules.  That’s true for the Gordon/Lee subplot too, but whether or not Lee still loves Jim is a topic for some other day.  Like a day after never.  The highlight of Jim’s having a price on his head is easily Victor Zsasz trying to kill him while being something of a fan (Zsasz never liked Mario) and even a casual shrug when Falcone personally calls off the hit.  Zsasz was before more of cold-blooded monster, so seeing a more goofy side to him, one that fits into the rest of the show, I can deal with that.

The Bruce and Selina stuff involving Selina’s mother?  Not bad.  She owes some guy money, Bruce can maybe pay it, I’ll see where that goes beyond something that will probably make Selina mad.

Bruce does that a lot.

Also, Alfred appears smitten with Maria Kyle.

But then there’s the main case of the week when a corpse is found wandering around downtown after a case of temporary resuscitation.  That means a trip to the morgue to talk to some guy named Dwight but…holy crap, it’s the Polka-Dot Man!

Granted, that was unintentional, but it is actor David Dashmalchian, AKA the Polka-Dot Man from the recent movie The Suicide Squad.  That’s a lot more fun.  I’m just gonna call him Polka-Dot Man.  That sounds a lot more interesting and villainous than “Dwight”.  Plus, it fits the show.  Gordon and Bullock almost had him when Zsasz showed up, but what is this clown trying to do?  Something ridiculous and funny no doubt!

He’s trying to revive that psychopath Jerome?

Huh, that’s a bit off-brand for the Polka-Dot Man, but on-brand for Gotham, proving once again there’s a lot of stuff out there more interesting than anything involving Jim Gordon.

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