December 4, 2021

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Blake’s 7 “The Web”

Blake and his crew are trapped in some kind of web, and the only way out is to assist in a genocide.

Alright, now that the Seven have been assembled, they’re gonna go hit back the Federation right away right?

Er, no.

To be fair, it isn’t their fault they can’t hit the Federation right away.  Someone has taken over the ship.  Or, more accurately, someone took over Cally’s mind and forced her to plant a bomb and do some light sabotage.  The first clue something isn’t right is when she punches out Vila.  Avon?  Sure.  He probably has it coming.  But Vila is a lot more harmless.

See, Cally, as a telepathic alien, may be vulnerable to a telepathic takeover by another alien of her race, and that would be some exiles from her people called the Lost.  Jenna, for her part, recognizes that Cally isn’t running her own body, so no one tries to hurt her as much as Avon probably sees no harm in it because he’s That Guy.

Instead, the Liberator comes to a stop inside some spider web in space over a planet where the Lost apparently is.  The web is tough, tough enough that Zen says they can’t blast through it despite the ship’s own great power.  Blake, having no other option, beams down to find out what’s what, only to be attacked by some aliens with some sort of stone age level technology.  He’s rescued by a pale weirdo who uses a bit of lethal force, and the pale weirdo has a pale weirdo sister.  They seem to be the Lost.  The other aliens are the Decimas, and they’re kinda mad.  Blake sees them attack the compound he’s staying in long enough to remove their dead comrade.  These aren’t dumb creatures.

Also, the pale weirdos aren’t the Lost.  They’re mindless shells for the real Lost, a crispy-fried corpse-lookin’ mamajamma whose head is fine enough to talk, but he’s sitting inside a small tank of liquid.  He’ll let the Liberator go should Blake give this goober what he needs, explaining he used genetic engineering to create both the pale weirdos and the unpredictable Decimas.  If Blake can give the guy two charged power cores, he’ll give them a fungicide beam to get the Liberator out of the web.  That sounds fair.  Blake has Avon bring the power cores…and then learns the Lost wants to use the cores to wipe out the Decimas.

Yeah, Blake won’t go along with that.  That’s genocide, and these are living creatures even if they were created in a more artificial manner.  Sure, Avon might not mind because, you know, he’s That Guy, but Avon ain’t in charge.

As it is, Blake does essentially not intervene when the Decimas get inside, take out the pale weirdos, break as much stuff as they can, and then attack the Lost guy in his tank.  Blake and Avon got that fungicide, and so everyone is free.

Is this important to the overarching plot?  Not really. However, it is a good sign that the show is establishing more about this universe and the people in it.  Blake is a good, moral man while Avon, well, he’s That Guy.

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