December 4, 2021

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Brand New Cherry Flavor “Jennifer”

Episode Five

So, I had thought after last episode I had seen the promised disgusting sex scene.  Then I watched this episode and realized there is a really good chance I was wrong because this really weird series seems to be getting increasingly weird and gross as the same time.

Meanwhile, of the three principal characters, sleazeball producer Lou Burke is starting to look more and more like the good one.

That’s not entirely a fair assessment, but Lisa has some dark stuff in her life before Boro even got involved, so as much as Lisa seems intent on ending the deal with Boro, she has other things she needs to deal with all involving that weird short film she made, a movie we only see in glimpses, but then we see a scene from it in this episode and…oh boy.

Right now, Lisa’s got other problems.  That hollow head woman found the ladder to the trapdoor in Lisa’s bedroom and seems intent on getting through the door.  Boro turned Lou’s son Jonathan into one of her zombie minions, and he takes to following Lisa around and she goes with friends to visit that director who burst into flame at the hospital.  That’s where Lou’s wife finds him and takes him home, where he sits unresponsive save when two things happen.  First, when Lou’s wife opens a can of dog food and Jonathan goes over to eat out of the dog’s bowl.  And second, he perks up every time Lou mentions Lisa’s name, even giving a thumbs up at one point.

Point is, Lou thinks Lisa did that to Jonathan, and responsibility seems to be something of a question.  Boro, see, doesn’t really take responsibility for anything as near as I can make out, and Lisa’s attempts to just get some answers go awry when Lisa brings Boro’s husband Nathan to see her.  See, Boro used to go by “Jennifer,” but a decade earlier, she just upped and vanished from her family’s life.  But she goes home, makes everyone some dinner, and while her two teenage kids are questioning where she’s been…Boro’s family all fall asleep in their food.  Boro insists this is Lisa’s fault and asks for some help extracting the memories of the evening from the three unconscious innocents, but there were two things here that got my attention.

First, Boro spoke as if, well, Boro is not Jennifer.  Boro is, instead, something inside of Jennifer that can switch bodies every few decades, and this time around, Boro wanted someone rather drab and ordinary, and a middle-aged housewife certainly fit that bill.  Second, she talks like this is obvious and not in a threatening manner.  Like, there’s nothing Boro does that seems overtly intimidating 90% of the time.  She’s more weird than anything else.  That doesn’t mean she isn’t dangerous.  I get the impression Boro just does what she wants to do, and that’s it.  She can’t be talked out of anything, and even if someone sees something odd going on, she’ll just shrug it off as a normal thing even though it isn’t.  Boro, whatever she or it is, isn’t human but just something riding Jennifer’s body.  Is it malicious?  I don’t know exactly.  It does make Lisa puke up another kitten when she says she wants out after helping with the memory extraction.

For what it is worth, Jennifer’s husband and son do wake up later with no memory of the weird evening…or anything else including their own names from the looks of things.  Boro did say that much is Lisa’s fault, but really, take some responsibility for once, you supernatural thing in a woman’s body.

But as I said, Lou is starting to look like the benevolent one, not so much because he is but more because the rotten things he does at least seem to fall into the category of bad things people can do in the real world and not just the surreal fantasy world that is Brand New Cherry Flavor.  Lou believes Lisa did whatever it is that happened to Jonathan.  Since Lisa herself isn’t really sure what happened, she can’t quite defend herself, so Lou does what he tends to do and sends some hired goons to rough her up, and since Lisa is hiding from the thing under the trapdoor, that weird spirit thing that sometimes stalks her, and probably the next kitten expulsion, she really is in no shape to do anything when Lou’s goon beats her and leave her for dead except ask Zombie Jonathan to take her back to Boro.

Still, that isn’t the disturbing part.  No, the disturbing part is Lou took Boro’s advice to find out the dark secret behind Lisa’s movie.  The editor never wants to see it again, but he does offer a pointer on how to find the lead actress.  She’s never seen the film despite paying for it.  She also has only one eye and no memory of how she lost the other one, only that during the filming of the final scene, Lisa seems to be possessed by something and didn’t stop to help as the woman, Mary Gray, did…something.  Mary woke up later missing an eye.  And as Lisa is getting a beating, she watches the film for the first time at Lou’s hotel room.

Um, for some reason, Mary plucked her own eye out and, uh…ate it.  And Lisa filmed the whole thing and kept it in her movie.


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