April 19, 2024

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Weekend Trek “The Die Is Cast”

Garek does what he has to stay on Enanbran Tain's good side, even if it is at Odo's expense.

I noted last time that there was something fitting about teaming up Odo, who hates liars, with Garek, an obvious liar about…something as yet unrevealed but largely hinted at.

Turns out there was an even better reason to team them up.

Picking up not long after the previous episode ended, there’s some light humor as it comes out exactly how well Garek’s closest friend on the station, namely Bashir, is adjusting to life without his frequent meal companion.  He’s trying to talk the state of Earth drama with Chief O’Brien over lunch, a topic the Chief would clearly not know a whole lot about anyway.  However, given how annoyed O’Brien used to get at all things Bashir, it was rather amusing to note that this time, O’Brien was simply eating his lunch while the doctor ranted and didn’t seem the slightest bit upset about anything, just noting he probably isn’t the kind of person Bashir needs right then.  Apparently, Mama O’Brien raised her son to believe that you can talk or eat, but if you try to do both at once, you do neither.

I am now starting to wonder about why Keiko has been on Bajor for so long…

However, much of what happens with the station personnel is related to first witnessing the Cardassian/Romulan attack fleet decloak to go through the wormhole, leading me to wonder why they need to decloak to go through the wormhole, and Sisko defying orders to take the Defiant into Dominion territory to find Odo.  Odo’s runabout was found, and there’s strong reason to suspect Odo and Garek are in one of those ships.  Sisko isn’t supposed to go, Odo’s Starfleet replacement sabotages the cloaking device at one point under his own orders from the admiral but then doesn’t cause any more trouble, and the Defiant manages to get to the Founders’ homeworld in time to rescue Odo and Garek from a Jem’Hadar attack.

Because of course the Obsidian Order/Tal Shiar plan was doomed to fail.  If it wasn’t, well, Deep Space Nine would have been a very different show, and it seems unlikely that the defeat of the Dominion would be put in the hands of the Cardassians and the Ronulans.  The top Romulan commander was a disguised Changeling the whole time, and he does allow Odo and Garek to escape, even if Garek couldn’t quite get Tain to go with them.  The old man was in something like shock that he could have been outmaneuvered the way he was.

Then again, is every Changeling better at impersonating another person than Odo?

And for that matter, the Changeling in question simply says they found Tain hatching his plan and decided to just watch it and set him up to fail as spectacularly as he did because the Cardassians and Romulans were two of the more dangerous opponents to the Dominion out there.  Now all that’s left are the Federation and the Klingons, and the Changeling figures that won’t be true much longer.

That’s kinda chilling.

But what stuck out to me is after setting up two men who could not be more different, the series instead tries to show how they are similar.  Garek, back with his own kind, is asked to interrogate Odo the way he used to question all kinds of other people in days go by.  The idea is Odo might know more than he’s letting on about his own kind.  Garek doesn’t think so, but when pressed, he takes a device with him that freezes Odo in his humanoid form at the time when he needs to revert to his liquid state to rest.  The results aren’t pretty, but all Garek learned was Odo really did want to return to his own kind.  That was it.

Garek keeps that to himself, and despite the torture Garek put him through, Odo seems to forgive him because, apparently, the constable notes that Garek wants to be with his own kind on his own world more than anything as he’s exiled on Deep Space Nine, and Odo is in the same boat.

Well, not quite.  Given another opportunity to rejoin the Founders by that faux-Romulan, Odo still declines.  He wants to go back, but not as the Founders are right now.

So, that is I suppose the reason Odo seems to have no hard feelings for Garek when all this is over, even inviting Garek out to breakfast the next day back at the station despite the fact Odo doesn’t eat.  I have a hard time completely believing anyone, even Odo, could be so forgiving to Garek, but Odo is the one I suspect would most likely be so forgiving on this show.  He and Odo aren’t really close, Odo’s nature isn’t like the others, and whatever physical damage Odo took in his forced solid state seems to have been repaired by episode’s end.  Plus, he did get to pop Garek one to get him away from the doomed Tain.

But is this the end of Tain?  I somehow doubt it.  There’s still a story to tell with that character.  Garek may respect Odo enough to keep the Changeling’s secrets, but that doesn’t mean all of Garek’s have been revealed just yet…